Arizmendi Bakery is a pizzeria/bakery worker cooperative specializing in bread, pizza, and pastries in the Lakeshore neighborhood. They are part of the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives.

Morning offerings include sweet and savory breads: Sweet Sallies, Chocolate 'Things', Zampanos, and more.  However, Arizmendi is most famous for their amazing pizza. As a quintessential and fantastic example of California-style pizza, Arizmendi is a great place to take visitors to Oakland, especially since Lakeshore is a lively street and on a nice day, it's a pleasure to get an Arizmendi pizza and eat it while sitting by the lake. They only have one kind of pizza that they serve per day, but do not fear - it is always amazing. If you do need to know what the pizza is on any given day, you can check their website.

BONUS FACT: If you order a slice of pizza, you are very likely to get a tiny slicelet on top of your normal slice. The surprise and pleasure of the slicelet cannot be denied.

This organization is a part of the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC).