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The Arcade Hotel was a hotel at San Pablo, 20th Street and Grove (now MLK, Jr. Way), built in 1907. By 1916 it was officially known as the Hotel San Pablo9 though some newspaper articles still called it the Arcade. The building still exists, and is now senior housing run by EBALDC, known as the San Pablo Hotel.

1917 adDesign and construction began in 1906. The original design was 4 stories with a roof garden, but with a foundation large enough for 7 stories. 1 The Arcade Realty Company which developed it was comprised of George W. MacNear, Sr. (president) and George W. MacNear, Jr. (vice-president). But before the end of the year, MacNear had discarded the plans, and hired Charles W. Dickey to draw up new plans. 2

As things often do, they got more complicated. Work was suspended when it was found there were further errors in the plans, and the original builder wouldn't be able to meet their obligations. 3 Things got even more complicated when the contractor, George E. Moffitt (Moffat?) disappeared. 4

The plans that Dickey drew up had a relatively ornate exterior, and an estimated building cost of $200,000. MacNear decided this was too much, and had Dickey draw up some less expensive plans, with a plainer exterior, and a limit of $150,000. 5 More changes were afoot, with an article 2 months later saying the building would be 5 stories instead of 4, and cost $130,000. 6

Work resumed on the building, and by December, 1907, was nearly complete. The hotel would have 125 rooms, and the ground floor was designed for retail. P. N. Hanrahan was one of the lessees. 7 Finally, an article in May, 1908 reported the building was complete and the stores and offices were being rapidly filled. 8

In 1936, there was a fire which caused $10,000 in damage, but no injuries. 10

It was a hotel through at least 1969. In 1996, EBALDC re-opened it as a senior residential community.

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June, 1908 ad

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