NAME, Years Elected to City Council

Andrew Ruch served one term on City Council, in 1901.

Political Affiliation

Municipal League1


Andrew Ruch was part of “A S Ruch & Son” (the other half was Arthur) and they were “contr[actor]s.” It’s unclear who was Jr. and who was Sr. Their home and work addresses were the same: 4820 Maple.2

Ruch ran for City Council and won, but it wasn’t that easy. He ran against Mr McMenomy and something happened where people marked ballots with an “X” next to “no nomination” for the Municipal League. Judge Ellsworth ruled that these ballots must be thrown out.4 After these ballots were excluded, McMenomy was declared the winner by 50 votes, but Ruch appealed and held onto the seat.5

Does anyone know what happened?

Ruch’s mark in legislative history seems to be that he voted with the majority in Council to double water rates.3 (Is there anything else in the early history of Oakland?!)

Other Positions in City Government


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