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Allendale Elementary School is a Kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school which is a part of the Oakland Unified School District.

42% of the students are English language learners and 80% of the students received free or reduced price lunches. 1

Allendale had the highest body mass index reduction in 2010 of any OUSD, attributed to environmental education, exercise and nutrition program, along with class hikes, healthy salad bar and a garden program. 1

Allendale Elementary School needs donations:

"Donations to our school help each and every child achieve their best!
If you are able, please write a check to Allendale Elementary School for any amount. Bring it to our office or mail it.

Allendale Elementary School
3670 Penniman Avenue
Oakland, CA 94619

You can also make an online contribution to support Allendale Elementary by donating through the nonprofit Oakland Schools Foundation. Click here to go to their website. Once there, click on the Donate Here button."

Thank you for all you do to support our students!
" 2

Contributions support the Allendale science programs and field trips, tutoring, art and music supplies, behavior support, sports and fitness programs, and more. 1


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There is a beautiful solar system mosaic right near the entrance to the school. It was designed and created from scratch by 80 Allendale School third graders in 2007. The students were guided by artists Mary McDermott and Leslie Stott.Here's an article about the project.

There are also a number of mosaic tile trash cans around the school, including one that says "Allendale School".

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The first Allendale School was built in 1904, and known as Fruitvale School No. 3 until 1913 when it was renamed Allendale School. That building was demolished in 1957 because of safety concerns. 4


3670 Penniman Avenue, Oakland, California 94619



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