Albert Miller (February 12, 1828 – April 16, 1900) was a banker and "capitalist". He was also president of Pacific Gas, Light and Heat company of San Francisco. Miller was born in Prussia in 1828. He married Mary Ann (Kendall) Miller (September 21 1836–January 5, 1912) in San Francisco in 1854.

For at least 1880–1908 the Millers lived at 1264 Fourteenth Street, Oakland. Their children were:

  • Charlotte Kendall Miller (July 24, 1855 – January 11, 1936) - married Major John Bell Mhoon, who served in the Confederate Army; they are interred in C.O.G.'s mausoleum
  • Henry Martin Albert Miller (July 19, 1857 – June 29 1945) - as far as I can tell, he went by "Albert"; was secretary at Starr Flouring Mills in San Francisco - married Grace J. Miller
  • Harry East Miller (November 26, 1862 – May 12, 1939) - married Myrah Gray (Prather) Miller; Mary's obituary listed him as "an explosives expert and chemist of high reputation" 3
  • Annie M. Miller (September 13, 1864 – April 17, 1935)
  • Christian Otto Gerberding "C.O.G." Miller (October 1, 1865 – April 23, 1952)
  • Horace Herbst Miller (July 12, 1870 – May 26, 1926)
  • Paul Lucien Miller (September 9, 1876 – August 10, 1908) - died suddenly of a ruptured blood vessel 2

Miller had two coachmen, George Keene and William Sheaff, living at the same address, as well as Mary Carson and Jennie Reed, both domestics and Miss Mary Bolen, cook.

Albert Miller family monument
photo CC SA-BY-NC from Our Oakland
back of Harry Miller monument
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Harry East Miller family monument
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Death and Burial

Albert Miller died April 16, 1900. The funeral was held at the family home on 14th Street, with Rev. Charles R. Brown, pastor of the First Congregational Church, officiating. 1 Miller was interred in Mountain View Cemetery. Mary died January 5, 1912, after a long illness.3 Some family members are interred with them, while others are interred with C.O.G. in his mausoleum.

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