Albert F. Roller (April 20, 1891 - July 12, 1981) was a California architect who designed a number of buildings in and around Oakland, including the Breuner Building. Roller was also one of three architects credited with the design of the Manufacturing Facility and Headquarters Building constructed for Marchant Calculators, Inc. at what was then identified as 6701 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, and is now known as 3100 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley.

Roller lived in San Francisco, and his firm did work in northern and southern California. The Breuner Building and Marchant Calcultors appear to be his only Oakland buildings.

In 1938 Roller was on the Executive Committee of the 29th Annual Convention of the Rotary International Convention, serving as the Chairman of the Convention Housing Committee, which appears to have been held in San Francisco.

Roller died in 1981, and is buried at Cypress Lawn in Colma.

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