Albert E. Carter (July 5, 1881–August 8, 1964) served on City Council from 1921-1925. He is much more famous for being a Representative to Congress from California.

Carter was a Republican 7


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Albert E. Carter was born in Lemon Cove, California, in Tulare County. He attended public school and graduated from San Jose Normal School in 1903. After teaching school he graduated law school from UC Berkeley in 1903 and then began to practice law in Oakland. 6

While on Council (this was the commissioner period of government), Carter served as the Public Works Commissioner. While in office, he proposed a giant expansion to the waterfront including a 6,000 foot long pier, 7,000 miles of rail lines and accommodations for 18 large ships. 1 (See attached article carter pier.pdf It appears that at first, railroad officials weren't so sure about this proposal while others were quite enthusiastic.

Carter was President of the Pacific Coast Association of Port Authorities. 

Mrs Carter was also engaged in civic life. At one point in the 1910s she was the President of the Oakland Civic Center and the Women's Legislative Council. In 1918 she ran for the school board. 5

Carter was a representative from the 6th District of California, which represents Alameda County. In his initial run, both parties endorsed him and he handily beat his opponent, Oakland Mayor John L. Davie.11 He served from March 4th, 1925-January 3, 1943. (He was elected in 1924 and lost reelection in 1944- see election results here.) After his unsuccessful run, Carter practiced law in California and Washington, D.C. 

Carter died in Oakland on August 8, 1964 and is buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery in Porterville, California. 8

Carter was a member of the Freemasons; Shriners; Woodmen of the World; Moose; Elks; Native Sons of the Golden West; and Phi Alpha Delta. 10

Albert E. Carter, 1924


  • At one point in 1922, Carter was "Acting Mayor." 4
  • 1917-1919: Representative, US War Department Commission on Training Camps
  • 1920-1921: Attorney, California State Board of Pharmacy 9

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