c.1890-1895. Note J.L. Lyon & Son

The Albany Hotel opened in December 1889. After several years of with multiple changes in managers, lessees, and owners, it closed as a hotel in 1906. It then became known as the Albany Block, which was demolished in 1922.

On December 20, 1889, the proprietor of the hotel, Mrs. Jennie B. Lakhune threw a ball to celebrate the grand opening of the hotel. 1 But the celebratory mood didn't last long, and by April of 1890, she had filed for insolvency. 2 The hotel changed managers, and the building changed owners.

For a few years it was owned by Henry D. Bacon, who also owned the Bacon Block. 3 In 1895, it was purchased by William J. Dingee from the Bacon Land and Loan Company for $125,000 cash. 4 There was a dispute that went on for several years, filed by Bacon's widow.

A fire in 1899 gave the occupants a scare, but was found quickly and the fire department summoned before it did too much damage. At that time, the post office was the main ground floor tenant. 5 The post office renewed their lease in 1901 for 5 years, but moved out to the newly constructed downtown post office in 1903.

In 1906, because of the influx of businesses following the 1906 earthquake, the Albany Hotel closed as a hotel. 6 In 1907, Borax Smith had offices there; a fire threatened a valuable collection of art he had there. Fortunately the fire was extinguished before it did too much damage. 7

The building was demolished in 1922, 8 and the site became the location of the Roos Brothers Building.

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