Activities Among Negroes was a regular column, authored by Delilah L. Beasley in the Oakland Tribune. Below are clippings of that column from archives, in chronological order.

Following Beasley's death in 1934, Thomas E. Fleming wrote a number of columns, and Lena M. Wysinger took over after that. It occasionally appeared as Activities Among Eastbay Negroes, News of Negro Activities, or other titles. Beginning in June 1941, it was known as Activities of Negroes.

Two quotes from her memorial, in Activities Among Negroes/Sun, Oct 14, 1934:

"The Clansman attitude during the exposition in San Francisco led her to request the Oakland Tribune to publish articles of outstanding Negro visitors and their achievements. Finally she was employed as a special feature writer of The Tribune, covering Activities Among Negroes, which proved an asset for better race relations."

"Mrs. Artieda made special mention of Miss Beasley's attitude and expression, "Others first, self last." Her special feature column from The Tribune are clipped and filed, preserved for reference and general information in the office of the Public Welfare League. Mesdames Spencer and Artieda expressed the desire that Miss Beasley's articles be placed in book form for future reference,"

There are likely missing entries, please help find them.

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Original Clipping Subject Transcription

N.A.A.C.P. national convention, George W. Carver,

United Negro Improvement Association, A.M.E. news,

Harding's procession

Sun, Sep 02, 1923

National Baptist Association, social news,

Myrtle B. Anderson, 1st African-American California

woman entered to bar, academic successes, passings

Sun, Sep 16, 1923

Pushkin's grandson of African heritage & W. E. B. Du Bois,

African education, African American news items,

Taylor A.M.E. church established, more

Sun, Sep 23, 1923

Ruth Moore, Mrs. Frank Henry,

Albert Alexander Smith, artist, notable visitors

Sun, Sep 30, 1923

Lacey Kirk Williams,

Arthur S. Gray / Marcus Garvey in Oakland,

Roland Hayes and A. P. Shaw,

Watt Terry, Hettie Tilghman, A.M.E. changes,

Theodora & Lee Purnell

Sun, Oct 14, 1923

Notable African-American graduates, Jennie D. Porter, 

The Harriet Beecher Stowe School, Penny Lunches, 

Linden YWCA, Theodora Purnell, Ida Jackson

Sun, Nov 04, 1923

Mrs. H. E. DeHart, Frederick Douglass, 

J. B. Sanderson, Mary Sanderson-Grases, local news

Sun, Nov 11, 1923

Irene B. Ruggles, Tulip Jones,

Who was Martha Ann Wilson?

women's clubs and good work, social news

Sun, Nov 25, 1923

Mary J. Sanderson-GrasesJeremiah Sanderson

Northern California NAACP, William Green,

Pullman Porters, Monroe N. Work / Negro Year Book,

Robert S. Abbott / Chicago Defender

Mon, Dec 03, 1923

Mary B. Talbert memorial,

Christmas services at Linden YWCA,

esteemed visitors,

African American priests conduct high mass in D. C.

Sun, Dec 09, 1923

club activities, church news,

Countee Cullen as a student,

Phil H. Brown, Tennessee and "black mammies"

Sun, Dec 16, 1923

heroism of African American maids and porters in train wreck,

news about African American musical achievements,

Roland Hayes, Marian Anderson, church news

Sun, Dec 23, 1923

Powerful opening paragraphs from J. Stanley Durkee,

Robert Russ Morton,

American Negro Academy, Alpha Phi Alpha,

Paul Laurence Dunbar, local news

Sun, Jan 06, 1924

Retirement of Major Walter H. Loving,

a day of programs and discussions at a meeting of the

California Federated Colored Women's clubs

Sun, Jan 13, 1924

David E. Over, Rev. Downly, (?) Basutoland,

Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity,

Delta Sigma Theta sorority,

Rev. E. W. Kinchen, local news

Sun, Jan 20, 1924

George M. Johnson, news of other graduates,

Rabbi Rudolph Coffee, old friends, news

Sun, Jan 27, 1924

Ida Louise Jackson, community chest, (amazing) church & 

local news, W. E. B. Du Bois, Madam C. J. Walker,

R. R. Morton, David Wallace

Sun, Feb 03, 1924

Lincoln League conference, Negro Sanhedrin,

Negro National baseball league, Henry O. Tanner,

New Age - Dispatch, Du Bois & Pan-Africanism, Clayton

Sun, Feb 10, 1924

Miss Hallie Q. Brown visits, urges women to organize,

Douglass and Lincoln birthdays, Alpha Kappa Alpha,

Dick Green of the U.S. Treasury

Sun, Feb 17, 1924

Colored Knights of Pythias, Howard University funding,

African Students' Union, John H. Washington,

Susie Elizabeth Frazier, Hallie Q. Brown

Sun, Feb 24, 1924
  Hallie Q. Brown, women's suffrage, Negro Sandrehin, news Sun, Mar 02, 1924

Maria L. Baldwin,

Maria Baldwin chapter of Colored American War Mothers,

Lt. Hubert Julian, Col. Charles Young,

Robert Shaw Wilkinson, A. M. E. Conference,

Dr. O. W. DeVaughn, Willis O. Tyler, 

National Association of Colored Women's Clubs

Sun, Mar 09, 1924

Mardis Gras / Louisiana Society,

Linden Street YWCA progress,

Oakland League of Women Voters / Hettie B. Tilghman,

Captain John Jones / David C. Broderick

Sun, Mar 16, 1924

Noah D. Thompson / Calvin Coolidge / race relations,

Eleanor Brackenridge / Artemisia Bowden / Euretta K. Fairchild, 

Isaiah T. Montgomery, Laura A. Brown, Rosalind Jordan

Sun, Mar 23, 1924


John C. Payne, Lawrence Benjamin Brown,

Hyers Sisters, Sarah Miles Taylor,

Marie Selika Williams,

Corrine Bush-Hicks, Florence Cole Talbert,

Elmer Bartlett, Leviticus Lyons,

Margaret Johnson, Lillian Jeter Davis

Sun, Mar 30, 1924

Founders Day at Tuskegee, Delia Henry,

First A. M. E. church, Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin,

Vivian Osborn-Marsh,  

California State Federation of Colored Women Clubs,

Irene Ruggles, Marguerite Johnson

Sun, Apr 06, 1924

John B. Ford, Pullman porter speaks at Dartmouth,

Linden Street YWCA, Juliette Derricotte / YWCA,

Boy Scouts, Nashville Baptist seminary,

Knights of Pythias build rest home

Sun, Apr 13, 1924

Crispus Attucks / National Equal Rights League /

Boston Guardian, Du Bois / Liberia,

fraternities & sororities / scholarships,

Iva Gray, Mattie Johnson-Young,

Rev. Cooper / Bethel A.M.E.

Sun, Apr 20, 1924

Harry T. Burleigh, National Medical Association,

Pullman Porters Benefits association,

Lee Williams, Alice B. Webb, A. H. Hohman,

Adelbert H. Roberts, Aurelius P. Alberga, 

Rev. A. P. Shaw

Sun, Apr 27, 1924

Oakland Colored Civic center / CA League of Women Voters,

Louise M. Fayerweather, Mrs. Mayme Donovan,

Mrs. Mossell-Griffin, R. Nathaniel Dett / Dan Desdunes,

Harry T. Burleigh, W. W. Glenn, Mrs. Austin comes home,

Forresters?, Jess Binga

Sun, May 04, 1924

Clarence Cameron White, Elmer Keeton, John Riddle,

California Eagle, Jane Williams Homes, Charlotta Bass

Sun, May 11, 1924

Ida Louise Jackson, Virginia Stephens, Allen O. Newman,

George M. Johnson, Stewart T. Davidson,

Ruby C. Jefferson graduate, Joe Frances, social news

Sun, May 18, 1924

Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute

African Methodist Episcopal Church, 

Reverdy Ransom, AME Review, Chicago Defender

Bishop Chapelle, Aaron E. Malone, Archibald Carey

Maude Roberts-George, Florence Colbert Talbert

National YMCA and its Importance to the Negro Race, Addie W Hunton-Floyd, William Hunton

The New York Age, Miss Lucy D. Slow, Miss Eva D. Bowles

Sun, May 25, 1924

National Baptist & A.M.E. Zion conferences,

Tabytha Anderson,

philanthropy of Aaron & Annie Malone,

Mrs. McDonald, brought to CA as a slave in 1856

Sun, Jun 01, 1924

Women's Missionary Magazine

John C. Dancy Jr., Detroit Urban League, Judge R.  Baggott

Miss Eva Carter Buckner

James E. Whitfield, Carlton Avenue YWCA, Brooklyn

National Republican Convention, National Association of Colored Women's Clubs

Henry A. Rucker, Miss Annie L. Long

North Oakland Baptist church, Home for the Aged and Infirm Colored People

Sun, Jun 08, 1924

Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Bolmer  Y. W. C., A.. Linden street branch

Merrill E. Brown and Gladys 0. Davis Wedding, Miss Mildred Jones, 

Rev. Brown, a former pastor of Fifteenth Street church, Oakland

Noak D. Thompson, Democratic and Republican Conventions

Twelfth Street Branch YWCA, Washington, DC

Mrs. Eva Jones-Smith, Negro Musician Association Convention

Sun, Jun 15, 1924

NAACP,   Dr Moten, President of Tuskegee Institute

Chicago Defender, Editor Abbott, Jess Binga

Governor Pinchot, Forrester B. Washington

American Federation of Negro Students

Miss Juliette Derricotte, World Students' Christian Federation

New Age Dispatch of LA, The Dunbar Hospital

Sun, Jun 22, 1924

Dr. Owen M. Waller, Freedman Hospital of Washington, D.C.

Miss Mabel Sanford Lewis, Chicago College of Music

Elizabeth Davis, Oakland High school

Williams College

William H. Hastle, Massachusetts Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Society

Oma H. Price and Howardson N. Stout, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

Exchange Day of the Federated clubs of Northern California, Miss. Theo Purnell

Major Loving, Mrs. Loving

Sun, Jun 29, 1924

Prof. Elmer Keaton,  Maxine Blackburn

Annual Recital Competition and Choirs of Oakland Colored Churches

Linden branch Y. W. C. A, Twentieth Century Clubhouse in Berkeley

Rockefeller Foundation California  Scholarships

Dr. V. C. Hamilton, Rev. E. Crigler, Colored Baptist church of Pacific Grove, Cal

Sun, July 6, 1924

National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, Mrs. Booker T. Washington, Booker T Washington

The International Convention of Women of the Darker Races

National Negro Men's Business League, California State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

First AME Church of Oakland, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Curtis, President Woodrow Wilson

DeHart Hubbard, New Age Dispatch of Los Angeles, Mrs. Martha Williams Walker

Charles TilghmanMrs. Hettie B. Tilghman, Mrs. Susie Hall Reed, First AME Church of Monrovia

Sun, July 20, 1924
    Sun, Aug 17, 1924

National Association of Colored Women's Clubs

California State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Miss Hallie Q. Brown,

 The TRIBUNEMrs. Hettie B. Tilghman, National Notes Magazine

Miss Mary McLeod Bethune, Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute, Daytona Cookman Collegiate Institute

James J Davis, Mary Church-Terrill, Fred Douglas Memorial Assoc

Miss Nannie Burroughs, Dr. DuBois, Prf. J.J. Cornelius

Damrosch School of Music, George Foster Peabody, Crisis Magazine, Roland Hayes

Julius Bledsoe, New Hope Baptist Church

Sun, Aug 24, 1924

Fourth Intl Convention of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, Negro World

Steamship B.T. Washington, Black Cross Navigation and Trading Company

Marcus Garvey, President UNI Association

Mr. and Mrs. Snelling, Dr. Pearl, Zita Phi Beta

Fifth Episcopal AME Church, St, Phillips Protestant Episcopal Church

Rev. G. C. ColemanNorth Oakland Baptist church, Negro Baptist Unincorporated Convention

Taylor M. E. church, Miss Hallie Q. Brown

Royal Circle of Friends of the World, Mayo Brothers

Linden street branch of the Y. W. C. A. African Methodist Church, First AME Church of Oakland

Sun, Sep 14, 1924

Holy Name Society

Attorney Scipio A. Jones, Phillips County Arkansas Riot Cases of 1919 (Elaine Massacre)

NAACP, Moorfield Story, Attorney Louis Marshall

Literary Digest

Charles Jaggers, Mayor W.A. Coleman, Gov. McLeod, Gov. Richard I. Manning

Linden street branch Y. W. C. A

California Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Taylor Memorial Methodist church

Alameda County League of Colored Women Voters, Odd Fellows

Sun, Sep 28, 1924

Grizzley Bear Magazine, Messenger Magazine, California Admission Day

Del Bowley, President Calvin Coolidge

Edward J Lynch, Native Sons of the Golden West

The Negro Trailblazers of California

Miss Bessie Osborne, YMCA Houston, National Association of Colored Women's Clubs 

Linden street branch, Y. W. C. A., Wesley Chapel of Los Angeles,

California Voice in the BerkeleyMrs. H. B. Tilghman

Sun, Oct 12, 1924

Linden Street Branch YMCAMrs. Hettie B. Tilghman

Frank Henry, Lydia Jackson, Malvina Williams

Dr. Wilson, Mrs. Derrick, Mrs. DeHart

League of Colored Women Voters, Free Soil Party, 

City Club of Berkeley, Freedman's Bureau, East Bay Mud

General Oliver O. Howard, Howard University, Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Liberty Bonds

 Mrs. H. E. DeHart Northern California branch of the N. A. A. C. P

Mrs. Vivial Osborn-Marsh, AME Church, Jenkins Orphanage 

Sun, Oct 19, 1924

President Grover Cleveland, President Woodrow Wilson, President Warren Harding

Bishop Alexander Walters

Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill, Senator Samuel Shortridge, NAACP, NACW

President Calvin Coolidge, Edward H. Morris, General Charles M. Dawes

Miss Hallie Q. Brown, Wilberforce University

Linden street branch Y. M. C. AArt and Industrial Club

Bishop W. Sampson Brooks, 

North Oakland Baptist churchParks chapel in OaklandFirst A. M. E. church.

Sun, Nov 02, 1924

Miss Hallie Q. Brown

Dr. Mary Waring, Violett Anderson, Charlotte Spear-Bass

Assemblyman Fred M. Roberts, Dunbar Hospital, Miss Pearl Hinds

Bishop Sampson Brooks

Rev. G. C. ColemanNorth Oakland Baptist church

northern California branch N. A. A. C. P

Municipal Auditorium

Linden street branch Y. W. C. A.

Get Acquainted club of Oakland

Sun, Nov 09, 1924

Senator Henry Cabot Lodge

Rosco Simmons, Chicago Defender, Lincoln League

Miss Hallie Q. Brown, Wrigley Building of Chicago

Warren Douglass, S. B. Turner, William E. King, Albert B. George

Sulley James, J Pennoyer Jones, George L. Ruffin, Governor B. F. Butler, Robert H. Terrill

Miss Eloise B. Thompson, Ethiopian Art School of  NY

Leviticus Lyons, 

local branch of the N. A. A. C. P.,  Municipal auditorium in Oakland, Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill

Linden street branch. Y. W. C. A.Fanny Wall Children's Home and Day Nursery

Sun, Nov 16, 1924

Congressman L. C. Dyer

Municipal Auditorium Theater of Oakland

Professor Elmer Keeton

Father David R. Wallace of St. Augustin Episcopal church

First A. M. E. church,  Cooper A. M. E., Zion church

Congressman Albert Carter 

US Senator Samuel Shortridge

Phelps-Stokes Commission

Nicholas George Ballanta-Taylor, African Music

Sun, Nov 23, 1924

Linden street branch Y. W. C. A

California State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi,

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta

Dr. James H. Dillard, Dr. H. L. Shantz

Rev Matthew W. Clair, Rev W.S. Abernethy

Colonel John T. Axton, Dr. William Pickens

Bishop Reverdy C. Ransom 

Sun, Nov 30, 1924

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burrill of Oakland

Key System Transit company of Oakland

Technical high school of Oakland

Linden street branch Y W. C. A

Rev. Father D. R. Wallace  St. Augustine Episcopal church of Oakland

The Pullman Porters

Miss Jessie Covington

Charles A. Conttrill

Northern California branch of the N..A. A. C. P.

Sun, Dec 07, 1924

Julius Rosenwald

Big Sisters

Community Chest

Mrs. Ruffin, Mrs. Emily Noble

Miss Nannie Burroughs

Mrs. Archibald Hopkins

Sun, Dec 28, 1924
Sun, Jan 04, 1925




Jan 11, 1925    
Sun, Jan 18, 1925    
Sun, Jan 25, 1925    
Sun, Feb 01, 1925    
Sun, Feb 08, 1925    
Sun, Feb 15, 1925    
Sun, Feb 22, 1925    
Sun, Mar 01, 1925    
Sun, Mar 08, 1925    
Sun, Mar 15, 1925    
Sun, Mar 22, 1925    
Sun, Mar 29, 1925 part 1  
Sun, Mar 29, 1925 part 2  
Sun, Apr 05, 1925    
Sun, Apr 12, 1925    
Sun, Apr 26, 1925    
Sun, May 03, 1925    
Sun, May 10, 1925    
Sun, May 24, 1925    
Sun, May 31, 1925    
Sun, Jun 14, 1925    
Sun, Jun 21, 1925    
Sun, Jun 28, 1925    
Sun, Jul 05, 1925    
Sun, Jul 12, 1925    
Sun, Jul 26, 1925    
Sun, Aug 02, 1925    
Sun, Aug 09, 1925    
Sun, Aug 16, 1925    
Sun, Aug 23, 1925    
Sun, Aug 30, 1925    
Sun, Sep 06, 1925    
Sun, Sep 13, 1925    
Sun, Sep 20, 1925    
Sun, Sep 27, 1925    
Sun, Oct 04, 1925    
Sun, Oct 11, 1925    

A History of the Negro in Pharmacy

Miss Lottie Gee

Miss Emma Maitland

Linden street branch, Y. W. C. A

Home for Aged  Colored People at Buelah

Campbell street A. M. E Zion church

North Oakland Baptist church, Rev. G. C. Coleman

Fifty-eighth annual California conference of the A. M. E. Zion church 

Sun, Oct 18, 1925
Sun, Oct 25, 1925    

Linden branch Y. W. C. A.

Pauline Powell Burns

Mrs. Hettie B. Tilghman

NACW Page in Journal Highlighting CA Women's Clubs Making a Difference

Eloise Bibb Thompson

Max Yergan, Pioneer Organizer of Y. M. C. A

George Foster Peabody  Dr. R. R. Moton  Tuskegee Institute

Sun, Nov 01, 1925
Sun, Nov 08, 1925    
Sun, Nov 15, 1925    
Sun, Nov 22, 1925    
Sun, Nov 29, 1925    
Sun, Dec 06, 1925    

First A. M. E. church  Eugene Anderson Recital

Beth Eden Baptist church 

Zion M. E. church

Market Street Seventh Day Adventist church, The Golden Gate Choir

Linden branch Y. W C. A

Importance of the World Court

Miss Ida Jackson

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Sun, Dec 13, 1925
Sun, Dec 20, 1925    
Sun, Dec 27, 1925    
Sun, Jan 03, 1926    
Sun, Jan 10, 1926    

North Oakland Improvement Club

Longfellow school

Linden Branch Y. W. C. A

Mrs. Hettie B. Tilghman

California Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

North Oakland Baptist church

Sun, Jan 17, 1926
Sun, Jan 24, 1926    
Sun, Jan 31, 1926    
Sun, Feb 07, 1926    
Sun, Feb 14, 1926    
Sun, Feb 21, 1926    
Sun, Feb 28, 1926    
Sun, Mar 07, 1926    

Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune

Women, the Greatest Asset to Educational System

Longfellow school

Watts Private African American Hospital,  Dr. William Watts

Maria L. Baldwin Chapter of American War Mothers 

Linden branch Y. W. C. A

Beth Eden Baptist church

Sun, Mar 14, 1926

Violet N. Anderson First African American to Practice Before The US Supreme Court

Robert Blair

Hermes Zimmerman "America First and Forever" Composer

Philadelphia N. A. A. C. P.

O. Richard Reid, Fanny Hurst, Lester A. Walton

Sun, Mar 21, 1926

Oakland Lyceum

First AME Church

Beth Eden Baptist Church, Parks Chapel AME, Cooper AME

California and National League of Women's Voters

Pullman Porters

Professor W Elmer Keeton

Linden Branch YMCA

Harmony Kings' Orchestra

Sun, Mar 28, 1926
Sun, Apr 04, 1926    
Sun, Apr 11, 1926    
Sun, Apr 18, 1926    

History of Suffrage

Beginning of the Struggle

Anti Slavery Convention/First Woman’s Right Meets

First Suffrage Society

Woman’s Right Convention, Akron OH

Women Newspaper Publishers

Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth

Sun, Apr 25, 1926
Sun, May 02, 1926    
Sun, May 09, 1926    
Sun, May 16, 1926    

Mrs. Ida B. Wells    National American Women's Suffrage Association

Miss. Susan B. Anthony, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Mrs. May Wright Sewell

International Council of Women

Overcoming Opposition by Newspapers Regarding Women's Suffrage

Mrs. Hettie B. Tilghman, Mrs. Melba Stafford

Oakland Tribune Long Ago Clippings Addressing California Suffrage

History of Suffrage Struggle

Overcoming Multiple Civic League Organizations by the Races

Officers Elected Mrs. Charlotta Bass, Dr. Vida Somerville, Dr. John Somerville

Dr. Georgianna K. Offutt

Georgia League of Women's Voters

Sun, May 23, 1926
Sun, May 30, 1926    
Sun, Jun 06, 1926    

Market St. YMCA, Rev. G.C. Coleman

Lorenza King, Editor of Southwestern Christian Advocate to Speak at

Taylor Memorial M. E. Church

Ms. Roena Muckleroy Recital at Linden Branch House

Mrs. Esther Jones-Lee

Art and Industrial Club

Dr. W. J. Johnson, Homer Ingraham

Sun, Jun 13, 1926

North Oakland Improvement Club Flower Show

General Inspector M. N. Johnson Discusses Oakland Beatification Project Successes

Charles C. Navelet Nursery and Seed company

Mrs. Edward F. Glaser Letter Advising The Urgency of Colored Women to Register and Vote

Linden branch Y. W. C. A.  Sent Delegates to Asilomar

Miss Ida Jackson, Miss. Lula Chapman

Mrs. Muckelroy of Los Angeles

Sun, Jun 20, 1926
Sun, Jun 27, 1926    
Sun, Jul 04, 1926    

President Louis Borno of Haiti

Robert S. Abbott, Editor and Publisher, Chicago Defender Newspaper

First A.M.E. Church

Linden branch Y W. C. A.

National Association of Colored Women Biennial Coming to California

Fanny J. Coppin clubArts and Industrial club of Oakland, Madam C.J. Walker Club, Various Clubs

Give out Art and Crafts Awards

Sun, Jul 11, 1926

State Federation of Colored Women’s Club Annual Meeting

Dr. Vida Summerville Represents Los Angeles at N.A.A.C.P. Annual Meeting

List of Prestigious Judges Announced for The Harmon Foundation Annual Awards

Reverend G. C. Coleman Returns After Moderating State Baptist Convention 

The Alameda League of Colored Women Voters Grieve Loss of Mrs. Sadie Lawson

Sun, Jul 18, 1926
Sun, Jul 25, 1926    
Sun, Aug 01, 1926

Page 1 says there will be Activities Among Negroes, but this article,

seemingly by Delilah Beasley, is all that I can find. - MF


Mrs. Mary McCloud Bethune

California  Federations of Colored Women's Club

Mrs. Irene Bell Ruggles Extends Thanks to Oakland TRIBUNE 

N.A.A.C.P.  Local Branch Meeting

Dyer Anti-Lunching Bill /African American Civil War Museum Resolutions

Washington Bee Newspaper

Market Street SDA Church

Sun, Aug 15, 1926
Sun, Aug 22, 1926    

Oakland Representation at NCAAP Chicago Conference

First A.M.E. Church

Silver Street San Francisco

Mrs. Addie W. Hunton, Mr. Will Hunton, Miss Ida Jackson

Lindon Branch YWCA

Dr. and Mrs. Garland Chissell, Active YWCA, NAACP Activists Impressed

with Oakland During Visit

The United Brothers of Friendship Lodge and the Mysterious Ten

Sun, Aug 29, 1926
Sun, Sep 05, 1926    
Sun, Sep 12, 1926    
Sun, Sep 19, 1926    
Sun, Sep 26, 1926    

Foreign Missions

Oaklander Honored Rev. G. C. Coleman

Win Honors/Fellowships by The Women's Missionary Society of the Cincinnati Ohio Presbytery

Jones-Hilliard Singers

California Federation of Colored Women's Clubs Meet in San Francisco

Linden branch Y. W. C. A Annual Dinner

Biennial Proceedings of the National Association of Colored Women

Polly Ann Club Activities

Sun, Oct 03, 1926
Sun, Oct 10, 1926    
Sun, Oct 17, 1926    

Senator Samuel Shortridge Voting Appeal 

President Coolidge to Appoint First Colored Youth to West Point Military Academy

Colonel Charles W. Fillmore

Local News: Dinners, Awards, Donations

Sun, Oct 24, 1926
Sun, Oct 31, 1926    
Sun, Nov 07, 1926    
Sun, Nov 14, 1926    
Sun, Nov 21, 1926    
Sun, Nov 28, 1926    
Sun, Dec 05, 1926    

Berkeley High School Class of 1926,

Negroes to West Point,

Praises for Oakland Tribune,

Kentucky Convention,


Sun, Dec 12, 1926
Sun, Dec 19, 1926    
Sun, Dec 26, 1926    
    Sun, Jan 16, 1927
Sun, Jan 23, 1927 Taylor Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church  
Sun, Feb 06, 1927    
Sun, Feb 20, 1927    
Sun, Apr 30, 1927    
Sun, Jun 26 1927    
Sun, Sep 18, 1927    
Sun, Oct 02, 1927    
Sun, Oct 09, 1927    
Sun, Oct 30, 1927    
Sun, Nov 06, 1927    
Sun, Nov 27, 1927    
Sun, Dec 25, 1927    
Sun, Jan 08, 1928    
Sun, Jan 15, 1928    
Sun, Jan 22, 1928    
Sun, Jan 29, 1928    
Sun, Feb 05, 1928    
Sun, Feb 12, 1928    
Sun, Feb 19, 1928    
Sun, Mar 11, 1928    
Sun, Mar 18, 1928    
Sun, Apr 08, 1928    
Sun, Apr 29, 1928    
Sun, May 20, 1928    
Sun, Jun 03, 1928    
Sun, Jun 10, 1928    
Sun, Jul 15, 1928    
Sun, Jul 22, 1928    
Sun, Jul 29, 1928    
Sun, Aug 05, 1928    
Sun, Sep 02, 1928    
Sun, Sep 23, 1928    
Sun, Oct 14, 1928    
Sun, Oct 21. 1928 Fannie Wall Children's Home; First A.M.E. Church; Linden Street YWCA; Charles Gibson  
Sun, Nov 11, 1928    
Sun, Nov 18, 1928    
Sun, Dec 09, 1928    
Sun, Dec 16, 1928    
Sun, Dec 23, 1928    
Sun, Dec 30, 1928 Market Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church  

NAACP Letter Regarding Continued Lynching in Mississippi,

Methodist Bishops Meet,

Locals: Joseph Butler,

Linden Street YMCA Workers Meet,

A.M.E. Zion Church Mass Meeting

Sun, Jan 20, 1929
Sun, Jan 27, 1929    
Sun, Feb 03, 1929    
Sun, Feb 10, 1929    
Sun, Feb 17, 1929    
Sun, Mar 03, 1929    
Sun, Mar 17, 1929    
Sun, Mar 31, 1929    
Sun, April 14, 1929    
Sun, May 19, 1929    
Sun, Jun 02, 1929    
Sun, Jun 16, 1929    
Sun, Jun 23, 1929    
Sun, Jun 30, 1929    
Sun, Jul 14, 1929    
Sun, Jul 21, 1929    
Mon, Jul 29, 1929    
Sun, Aug 04, 1929    
Sun, Aug 25, 1929 Market Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church  
Sun, Oct 06, 1929    
Sun, Nov 03, 1929    
  Alameda County League of Colored Women Voters
Hettie Tilghman
attorney Gloria [or Georgia?] Jones-Ellis
Tuskegee Institute Negro conference
Filbert Street YMCA
Linden Branch YWCA
Sun, Dec 15, 1929
Sun, Jan 5, 1930    
  Harmon Foundation of NY
Armstrong Association of Philadelphia
Taylor Memorial M. E. church
North Oakland Baptist church
Hettie B. Tilghman
Sun, Jan 12, 1930


Phyllis Wheatley club

Filbert Street YMCA

Sun, Jan 19, 1930

Elizabeth Prophet
Filbert Street YMCA

Franklin Burrill

Dad Moore

Sun, Jan 26, 1930

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, A. Phillip Randolph, Dr A, Wilberforce Williams

Robert Abbott, Chicago Defender, Mary McDowell, University of Chicago Settlement

Miss Mary Anderson, Colored Women Economic Council

North Oakland Baptist ChurchRev. O. C. ColemanLinden Branch Y. W. C. A. 

Miss Lulu ChapmanHome for Aged and Infirm Colored People, National Baptist Convention

Taylor Memorial M. E. ChurchOakland Negro Business Men's League , Asilomar

Junior Branch NAACP, Saint Augustine Episcopal Church,  Fifteenth street  A. M. E. Church,

Seven Day Adventist church on Market 

Sun, Feb 02, 1930


Race Relations Sunday, Federal Council of Churches of America, Dr. George E. Hayes

Harmon Awards, Dr. Robert R Muton, Hampton Institute, Dr. Booker T. Washington

Virginia Negro Organization Society, YMCA,  Jeanes Fund Southwestern Christian Advocate  

Dr. Clayton Powell, Miss Jane Barrett, NACH, Dr. W. J. Hale, Virginia Industrial School

Theodore K. Lawless, Harry L. Freeman, Carl R. Diton, Dr. Carter G. Woodson

National Negro History Week, Congressmen Lynch, Cheatman, De Priest

Home for Aged Colored People, Frederick Douglass, Mrs. Hettie B. Tilghman,

Herbert Hoover Junior high schoolRev. G. C. Coleman

Sun, Feb 09, 1930


Congressman De Priest, National Negro History Week, ASNLH, John R. Lynch

Thomas K. Miller, Garnett C. Wilkinson, Judge James. A. Cobb

Henry Cheatham, Lift Every Voice and Sing, Senator Otis F. Glenn

NAACP,  Harlem Hospital

Linden Branch Y. M. C. A , Miss Lula ChapmanFifteenth Street A. M. E. church

Taylor Memorial A. M.E. churchRev. G. C. ColemanNorth Oakland Baptist church.

Sun, Feb 23, 1930


National League of Women's Voters, Hallie Q. Brown, Mrs. Ida B Wells-Barnett

Susan B. Anthony, Mrs. Elizabeth Lindsey-Davis, National Assoc of Colored Women

 Melba Stafford, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Linden branch Y. W.C. A Mrs. Hettie B. Tilghman

National Negro Health Week,  Taylor Memorial M. E. church, Dr. Harry Trimble

Roland Hayes, Universal Negro Improvement Assoc., Ethiopian Anthem

Junior N.A.A.C.P. Northern CA District Federated Colored Women's Clubs, Bethel A.M.E. Church

Sun, Mar 30. 1930

N.A.A.C.P.,  Dr. Meyer Jacobstein. Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Washington Junior High School

Harriett Pickers, Dean Williams Pickens, Smith College Northampton

Atlanta School of Public Work, Forrester B. Washington

National Negro Health Week, Taylor Memorial church, Dr. Walter M. Dickie 

Universal Negro Improvement, Oakland division No. 188, Ethiopian National Anthem

Bethel A.M.E. Church, San Francisco, President Hoover, Negro War Mothers (Gold Star Mothers)

Community Chest, Congressman Oscar De Priest, 1930 Census

Sun, Apr 06, 1930


Negro History Week,  First Congregational church,  Taylor Memorial A.M.E. church

Go Down Moses, California Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, First A. M. E. church

YWCA,  Linden branch Y.W. C. ALulu Chapman

UNIA, Washington Evening Star

Sun, Apr 13, 1930

First Congregational churchThe Oakland TRIBUNEMrs. Lawrence Sledge

California Federated Colored Women's Clubs, Go Down Moses, Taylor Memorial church

Mrs. Emerich Address, Roland Hayes, Fanny Coppin club, Susan B Anthony, N. A. A. C. P.

Lee J. Purnell, Clarence Muse, Bill Robinson, Cotton Blossom Singers

Market street Seventh Day Adventist church

Sun, Apr 20, 1930

N. A. A. C. P., Attorney Lewis Marshall, Honorary Morefield-Story, Dr. W. W. Alexander

Julius Rosenwald, Alpha Phi Alpha, American War Mothers, Mrs. Hettie Tilghman

Mrs. Ida Johnson, University HS, Prescott JH, McClymonds HS, Oakland Technical HS

Dean William Pickens, Smith Girls College, N. A. A. C. P . San Francisco, Cooper A. M. E . Church

Sun, Apr 27, 1930

Attorney Violet Anderson, Y. W. C. A., Big Sister, Better Homes In America

H. C. CapwellFather David R. Wallace, N. A. A. C. P., Mrs. Melba Stafford, Fanny J. Coppin club

Mrs. Lawrence Sledge, Dean Williams Pickens, Booker T. Washington Community Center

Sun, May 04, 1930

Miss Hallie Q. Brown, National Association of Colored Women, Intl Council of Women

Lady Aberdeen, Mrs. Myrtle Foster Cook, Mrs. Mary McCloud Bethune, Mrs. Sallie Stewart

Y. W. C. A., Chicago Defender, Miss Juliett Derricottee, Elizabeth Ross Haynes 

Judge Albert George, Mrs. Maud Roberst George, Taylor Memorial M. E. church

Aged and Infirm Colored People at Beulah HeightsSeven Day Adventist church

Mrs. Lawrence SledgeFanny Wall Children Home and Day nurseryArt and Industrial club

Sun, May 18, 1930

Time Magazine, Fisk Jubilee, Dr. Nathaniel Dett, Daniel Livingstone 

Who's Who in Colored America, Colored Merchant's Association, National Negro Business League

Albion Holsley, Phyllis Wheatley, Y. W. C. A., Miss Julia West Hamilton

National Association of Colored Women, Miss Elizabeth C. Carter

California State Chapter of War Mothers, Mrs. Hettie B. Tilghman, Filbert Street Y. M.C. A.

California State Federation of Colored Women's clubsLinden branch, Y. W. C. A.  N. A. A. C. P.

Sun, May 25, 1930

Market Street S. D. A. church, Chaplain Louis Carter, Chaplain Corps, 

Veterans Memorial building on Lake Merritt, National Negro Health Week

California State Federation of Colored Women's clubsTaylor's Memorial church

Rev. G. C. ColemanNorth Oakland BaptistRev. Coleman

Sun, Jun 01, 1930

Market Street Seventh-Day Adventist ChurchSaint Augustine Episcopal churchDavid R. Wallace

J. B. SandersonMiss Mary Jane SandersonBrotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Beth Eden Baptist churchlocal branch N. A. A. C. P.Herbert Hod Y. W. C. A.over Junior high school 

Elder D. C. Thueunnissen, Hindsdale Sanitarium,  First A. M.  E. churchHettie B Tilghman

Germantown Colored Y. W. C. A.

Sun, Jun 15, 1930

N. A. A. C. P., Judge D. Lawrence Groner, Nixon Against Herndon, Dr. Elmer Imes

President E. M.Cravath, Dr. Thomas E. Jones, Professor Thomas V. Taller

Dean George W. Gore, Dr. William J. Cooper,  Negro Health Week, Victor. H. Daniels

Taylor Memorial church, Gold Star Negro War Mothers

California Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

Springarn Medal, Henry A. Hunt, Madame C. J. Walker Medal, T. G. Nutter

Sun, Jun 22, 1930

Captain William Shorey, Mrs. Julie Ann Shorey, Booker T. Wagton

Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People at Beula, Calif, Miss Victoria Grace Shoreysin

N. A. A. C. P., Richard B. Harrison, Walter White, International Council of Women

Lady Aberdeen, Calfornia State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

National Association of Colored Women, St. John's Day, Y. W. C. A.

Sun, Jun 29, 1930

California State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs,  Dr. Leslie Pinkney Hill

Cheyney Training School for Teachers, Dean Lucy Slowe Howard University

Commission on Interracial Cooperation, Miss Rhoda McCollough,  Y. W. C. A.

Alpha Cappa Alpha, Sigma Delta Thea, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Twelfth Street Y. W. C. A.

Theodora L. Purnell of Berkeley, Dr. Vada Somerville, Dr. Alice Garrott

Dr. Ruth Temple-Banks, Attorney Ann Virginia StephensFirst Congregational church

Taylor Memorial church, Gloria Sledge, Miss Talma Brooks, Vivian Osborne Marsh,

Hattie De Hart

Sun, Jul 06, 1930

New York World, Dr. George L. Cady, American Missionary Association

Federal Council of Churches, Dr. George E. Hayes, Max Yergan, Oberlin College, Zululand

Tuskegee Institute, Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People,  Beth-Eden Baptist church 

Pacific Grand Guild of Knights Templar, Golden State Grand Chapter of Eastern Star

Grand Court Heroines of Jericho,  Knights of Phythians, Grand Court Order of Calanthe

N. A. A. C. P., Negro Gold Star Mothers, National Assoc of Colored Women

Sun, Jul 20, 1930

Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Court Heroines of Jericho, Mayor S. Z. Leymel of Fresno

Mrs. Charlotta Bass, California Eagle, William Bigby of Fresno,

Grand Lodge of the Prince Hall Masons, Knights of Phythias, Beth-Eden Baptist church 

Mrs. Hettle B. Tilghman

Sun, Jul 27, 1930

Knights of Pythias, Order of Calathians, T. G. Nutter, Springarn Medal, N. A. A. C. P.

A. M. E. Zion Church, Masonic Order Court of Shriners 

Lieutenant Leon F. Marsh, 317 Infantry, 368 Infantry

Saint John Missionary BaptistNorth Oakland Baptist churchRev. G. C. Coleman

Sun, Aug 03, 1930
Sun, Aug 10, 1930    

Commission of Interracial Cooperation of Atlanta, Epidemic of Lynching

National Assoc of Colored Women, Miss Julia West Hamilton, US Better Homes Movement

Albon Hosley, National Negro Business League, Colored Merchant Chains of NYC

Mrs. Lawrence Sledge, California Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

General Hospital #2 of Kansas City, Cowell Memorial Hospital, Delta Sigma Theta, Omega Psi Phi

Oakland high school Linden Y. W. C. A.,  Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People

Sun, Aug 24, 1930

Cardinal Gibbons/Institute, Rev John Markoe, Rev John J. LaFarge, The Chronicle

Community of Oblate Sisters, National Federation of Colored Catholics, Dr. Thomas W. Turner

Catholic National Welfare, Detroit Urban League, Rev Edward V. O'Hara, NCWC

Cooper A. M. E. ZionLinden branch Y. W. C. A. , Asilomar, Market Street Seventh Day Adventist church

Harmon Award/Foundation, Federation Council of Churches in Christ in America

Sun, Sep 07, 1930

Robert Eleazer, Commission on Interracial Cooperation, Cleveland Gazette

Honorable Harry C. Smith, Professor Samuel C. May,  St Helena Sanitarium, N. A. A.C. P. 

Mrs. Hattie B. Tilghman, Alameda Count League of Colored Voters, Filbert Street Y. W. C. A.

Sun, Sep 14, 1930

N. A. A. C. P.,  William H. Clapp and Oakland Art Gallery,  A. M. E. Church, Bishop H. B. Parks

Wilberforce University, Claftin University, Gammon Theological College

Young People's Missionary,  Mrs. Pearl Lowery Winters,  A. F. M. Church

Linden Branch Y. W. C. A. , Asilomar

Sun, Sep 21, 1930

Women Int'l League for Peace and Freedom, National Federation of Colored Catholics

NACW, Brooklyn Eagle, Equal Suffrage Club of Brooklyn, Dr. W. Hurse,  Rev. G. C. Coleman

First Congregational Church Oakland/Berkeley, Rev. Francis J. Van Horne, Rev R. C. Waddell

Fisk University

Sun, Sep 28, 1930

American Missionary Society, Mrs. Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Congressman DePriest

Pacific Slope, Plymouth Congregational church First Congregational churchLinden Y. W. C. A. 

Miss Lulu ChapmanCooper A. M. E. Zion church, Rev E. E. Lightner, N. A. A. C. P.

Spelman College, Morehouse College, National Urban League, Taylor Memorial church

Christian Monitor, Dr. Ambrose Calivee,   Tuskegee Institute, Chicago Defender, Charles E. Mitchell

President Hoover, William T. Frances,  Henry L. Stimson

Sun, Oct 05, 1930

N. A. A. C. P., Federal Anti-Lynching Bill, Dr. W. C. Jackson, New York Telegram

Commission on Inter-racial Cooperation, Howard W. Odum

Alex W. Spence, W. J. McGlothlin, R. R. Morton, Charles S. Johnson, B. F. Huber

CA State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

Mrs. C. SledgeFanny Wall Children's Home and Day Nursery, Harmon Art Exhibit

Sun, Oct 12, 1930    

Race Relations Cooperation Commission,  Dr. W. W. Alexander

Crisis Magazine, Dr. George E. Haynes, John D. Rockefeller, Jr.,  Mrs. Charlotte Maxexe

Witwatersrand University,  Prof D. D. T. Jabavu

Rev. G. C. Coleman , Beth Eden Baptist church Linden branch Y.W. C. AGeorge Johnson

Mrs. Vivian Osborne Marsh, Cowell Memorial Hospital, 

The Negro Trailblazers of California, Mrs. Eva Carter Buckner

Sun, Oct 26, 1930


N. A. A. C. P., Harmon Awards, Oakland Municipal Art GalleriesMiss Lulu Chapman

Linden Branch Y. W. C. A., International House, Universal Negro Inmprovement Assoc.

Mahendra Pratap, Garvey Day, Mrs. C. SledgeEdison public school, 

Rosenwald Foundation Oakland Technical High School

Sun, Nov 02, 1930        

N. A. A. C. P., Allen Green, Anti-Lynching, Honorable W. Monroe Trotter

Chicago Defender, League of Nations, Freeing of slaves in Liberia, Dr. Charles S. Johnson

Arther Barclay, Senator L. Helsler Ball, Wilberforce University, Mrs. H. E. DeHart

 Mrs. H. E. Tilghman, Federal Council of Churches, Dr. George E. Haynes, First Methodist church

Sun, Nov 09, 1930

The Enterprise, Associated Negro Press, Mrs. Emma Green, Rev. Robert Eleazer

National Urban League, Aaron Douglass, Crisis Magazine, Dr. W. E. Du Bois

N. A. A. C. P., Harmon Foundation, Federal Council of Churches, King Daniel Ganaway

The Chicago Bee

Sun, Nov 16, 1930

N. A. A. C. P., Harmon Foundation, Federal Council of Churches, Prof. Menard Nelson, Epiphany College

Saint Mary's University, Flint Medical School, Race-Relations Commission, Allen R. Freelon

Hugh Breckenridge, Black Opals, Gloster Society of Artists, Alexander Albert Smith, Snydum Medal

Chaloner Prize, William Henry Johnson, The Green Pastures,  H. C. Capwell, Berkeley Lyceum

Sun, Nov 23, 1930

Federal Council of Churches, President Herbert Hoover, Dr. George E. Haynes

Dr. Edward T. Devine, National Urban League,  T. Arnold Hill, Ira D. Reid

Brooklyn Urban League, Saint Augustine Episcopal churchLinden Branch Y. W. C. A.

Longfellow public schoolTaylor Memorial M. E. churchMiss Lula Chapman

Sun, Nov 30, 1930

Linden branch Y. W. C. A., N. A. A. C. P., UNIA, Fanny J. Coppin Club 

Prescott Public school, Harmon Foundation, Fanny Wall Home and Day NurseryMrs. Sledge

Beth Eden Baptist church, Spanish Caprice, Moritz Moszkowski

Sun, Dec 07, 1930

Stenio Vincent, N.A.A.C.P., Dr. Thomas E. Jones, Negro Library College, Robert M. Lester

Clark Foreman, Thomas F. Blue, Dr. Monroe N. Work, Lewis R. Wilson, St. Mary's Infirmary

Rev. Richard Oliver Gerow, First A. M. E. Church, Home for the Aged and Infirmed Colored People

National Negro History Week, Cooper A. M. E. Zion church, Rev W. J. J. Byers

Sun, Dec 14, 1930

Harmon Foundation, Arthur Schomburg, Crisis Magazine, Federal Council of Churches

Local Oakland N. A. A. C. P., California School Arts and Crafts, Dr. Channing H. Tobias

Julius Rosenwald, Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools

Herbert Hoover Junior high schoolRev. G. C. ColemanRev. Father D. R. Wallace

Taylor M. E. church Fanny Wall Children Home and Day Nursery Gertrude Jackson

Sun, Dec 28, 1930

N. A. A. C. P.,  Dr. Du bois, Crisis Magazine, Walter White

Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune, Dr. Ida M. Tarbell, Bethune-Cookman Institute

The Advocate, Hon Eugene Knickle Jones, T. Arnold Hill, National Urban League

Dr. Rav Lyman Wilbur, Oscar DePriest, Professor Charles S. Johnson, President Charles King

Charles Mitchell, Jefferson S. Coage, Cooper M. E. Zion church

Sun, Jan 04, 1931

Mrs. Lutie Gilbert, N. A. A. C. P., Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People

North Oakland Baptist church, Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune, Bethune-Cookman Institute

School for Negro Girls at Lincoln Heights, Mrs. SledgeRev. G. C. Coleman

Mrs. Vivian Osborne Marsh, Delta Sigma Theta, Miss Lulu ChapmanFirst Christian Church

Young Women's Christian Association conference of Linden branchTaylor Memorial M. E. church

Cooper A. M. E. Zion

Sun, Jan 25, 1931

Dr. George E. Haynes, Commission of Race Relations, Race Relation's Sunday

Federal Council of Churches,  Beth Eden Baptist churchTaylor Memorial M. E, church

Rev. G. C. ColemanNorth Oakland Baptist church, N. A. A. C. P., First Christian church

Linden branch Y. W. C. A., Lincoln-Douglass Day, Dr. W. E. Du Bois, Springfield Riots

William English Walling, Oswald Garrison Villard, Oakland Community Chest

Sun, Feb 08, 1931

Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, Race Relation's Sunday, Lynchings

Fisk University, Charles S. Johnson, Harmon Award, Dr. Robert E. Park, President Thomas E. Jones

Plymouth Congregational church, The League of Nations, Paul Robeson, Walter Camp

Judge Curtis D. Wilbur, California Federation of Colored Women's Club, Linden branch Y. W. C. A.

Mrs. C. Sledge, National Negro History Week, Frederick Douglass

Sun, Feb 15, 1931

League of Nations, Professor John R. Commons, Ivy Lee, Silas Strawn, 

American Federal Reserve, Bank of Intl Settlements, Linden branch Y. W. C. A.Miss Lulu Chapman

Founder Children’s' Home and day nurseryFanny J. Coppin club

State Federation of Colored Women's clubsFannie Wall Mrs. Hettie B. Tilghman

Mrs. C. SledgeTaylor M. E. Memorial church, Atty Virginia Stephens,  Mrs. Hattie E. DeHart

Crisis Magazine, Art and Industrial club, Lincoln, Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Judge Clark

Sun, Feb 22, 1931    

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Linden branch Y. W. C. A., Berkeley High School, Cooper A. M. E. Zion church

California Federation of Colored Women's Club, California Eagle, California News

Major and Mrs. Prioleau, Judge Walter S. Gates, Mrs. Bettie Hill

Legal Victory Won, Ethel Prioleau vs. Board of Playground & Recreational Commission

Junior N. A. A. C. P., Filbert Street Y. W. C. A

Sun, Mar 08, 1931

Hon John L. Webb, National Negro Business League, Red Cross Hattiesburg MS Incident

California Federation of Colored Women's Club, Fanny J. Coppin clubNorth Oakland Baptist church

Beth Eden Baptist churchFanny Walls Children Home and Day Nursery

Federated Council of Churches NYC, Mrs. C. SledgeCooper A. M. E. Zion church

 Linden branch Y. W. C. A.California Voice, Oakland Independent, Mrs. Fannie Wall

 Children's Home and Day NurseryHome for Aged and Infirmed Colored People

 C. DellumBrotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Sun, Mar 15, 1931

Rev Will Alexander, Race Relations Commission, 1927 Spring Convention N. A. A. C. P. 

jim-crow laws, Segregated Train jim-crow laws, National Negro Elks, Negro Spirituals

North Oakland Baptist churchRev. G. C. ColemanLinden branch Y. W. C. A.

Sun, Mar 29, 1931

Craigg Wedding, Girl Reserve, Building the North Oakland Baptist churchRev. G. C. Coleman 

Charles McCall, National Urban League, Unemployment Issue

Negro Employment Bill, N. A, A. C. P., Walter White

Sun, Apr 12, 1931
Sun, Apr 19, 1931

Tuskegee Institute, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Robert R. Morton, Herbert Hoover

Race Cooperation Commission, Fisk University, Miss Henrietta Myers 

Countee Cullen, Cyrus Leroy Baldridge, Caroline Singer, "White Africans and Black" 

Harmon Exibition, Henry O. Tanner, Edward Bannister, James Lesesne Wells 

Archibald Motley,  Mrs. C. Sledge, Federation of Colored Women's Clubs

Children's Home and Day Nursery, Letterman Hospital, Southern Pacific Hospital

Sun, Apr 19, 1931
Sun, Apr 26, 1931

Richard B. Harrison Springarn Medal, Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America

Weir-Jeter Trio, Dr. George E. Haynes, Commission on Race Relations

National Association of Colored Women, Mrs. Daisy Lampkins, Miss Hennie Forchhammer

Attorney Virginia Stephens, Intl Council of Women 1925, First Baptist church in Oakland

Cooper A. M. E. Zion church First Congregational church, Filbert Street Y. M. C. A.

Sun, April 26, 1931
Sun, May 03, 1931

Frederick M. Roberts, Playground Availability for Black Children, Mrs. C. Sledge

Mrs. Vivian Osborn Marsh, First Baptist church, President Hoover Conf on Child Health and Protection

Eugene Kinkle Jones, National Urban League, Fanny Wall Children's Home and Day Nursery

Honorable Marcus Garvey, Universal Negro Improvement Association, Howard Loving

 Cooper A. M. E. Zion churchLinden branch Y. W C. A. 

Sun, May 3, 1931
Sun, May 24, 1931   Sun, May 24, 1931
  Market Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sun, May 31, 1931
Sun, Jun 07, 1931    
Sun, Jun 14, 1931    
Sun, Jun 21, 1931    
Sun, Jun 28, 1931    
Sun, Jul 05, 1931    
Sun, Jul 19, 1931    
Sun, Aug 02, 1931    
Sun, Aug 09, 1931    
Sun, Aug 16, 1931    
  Hettie Tilghman, Market Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sun, Sep 6, 1931

National Alliance of Postal Employees,

Universal Negro Improvement association,

N.A.A.C.P. picnic, 

Alameda County League of Colored Women Voters

YWCA notes, deaths, A.M.E. mass meeting

Sun, Sep 13, 1931
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Sun, Apr 01, 1934    
Sun, Apr 15, 1934    
Sun, Apr 22, 1934    
Sun, Aug 19, 1934 "Delilah Beasley, News Writer, Dies"

See below.


"SLEEPING CAR PORTERS START A.F.L. DEBATE" "In Memoriam - Miss Delilah L. Beasley"

Sun, Oct 14, 1934

Delilah Beasley, News Writer, Dies

Miss Delilah L. Beasley, 62, Negro, who contributed news of her race in Oakland to The Tribune for many years, died early yesterday at Fairmont Hospital after an illness of several months.

She was prominent in Negro club circles and was active in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Her home was at 705 Thirty-fourth Street.

Funeral arrangements are being made by the L. M. Hudson Mortuary. Services have been tentatively set for Tuesday morning but are being held up pending the receipt of advices from friends at Los Angeles.

Miss Beasley, a native of Cincinnati, O., had lived 25 years in California. She had no close relatives.

Oakland Tribune,  19 Aug 1934, Sun, Page 5

705 34th St, Oakland, California

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