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Abrahamson Brothers (also Abrahamson's) was a long-time store in downtown run by the Abrahamson family from 1880 to 1915.

The store started as G. Abrahamson, run by Gustav Abrahamson, at 1117 Broadway (then between 12th and 13th). In 1882, he opened another store in San Francisco.

In 1886, brothers Julius ("Jules") and Hugo bought out Gustav. In 1892, the brothers had a new building constructed at the southeast corner of Washington and 13th; this building became known as the Abrahamson Building.

Various family members were involved in the business over the years, including nephew Isaac ("Izzie") David Magnes, who moved to New York in 1909. In 1912, Hugo retired for health reasons. At some point after that, brother Henry became involved in the business.

After giving the employees a dinner and a trip to the PPIE in May 1915, the brothers sold the store, and by December 1915, Marymont & Upright had taken over.

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