Abraham Bercovich, Oakland, California 1

Abraham Bercovich (1845 – December 10, 1904) immigrated from Hungary (then the Austro-Hungarian Empire) to Oakland, California where he became a pioneer in the iron and metal business. By the 1920s, the Bercoviches had gone from scrap metal dealers to become successful furniture dealers in Oakland.

Abraham and Bertha Bercovich
with six of their ten children 2

Bercovich, his wife Bertha Bercovich, along with nine children arrived in Oakland on August 10, 1883. A tenth child, Marjorie, was born in Oakland after their arrival. The children were: Pearl Bercovich, Augusta May Bercovich, Minnie Bercovich, Harry Bercovich, Samuel Bercovich, Rebecca Celia Bercovich, David Bercovich, William Bercovich, Fannie Bercovich, and Marjorie Bercovich.

In 1903, the family (at least Abraham, Bertha, Marjorie (Margie), and Samuel listed) lived at 776 Harrison. David and Harry were living elsewhere. Samuel married Minnie Schoenfeld about that time, but sadly, died in a car accident during a family picnic at Alum Rock Park in San Jose.

Abraham was one of the founding directors of Congregation Beth Jacob in 1893. He was president in 1903, and son David was the treasurer. In 1907, part of the congregation split off, and the Congregation Beth Abraham (now also known as Temple Beth Abraham), was named in honor of Abraham Bercovich.


Abraham Bercovich ran a scrap iron and metals and bottle yard business at 320 - 4th Street. After he came of age in 1899, son David joined the business and it became A. Bercovich and Son. In 1903, Abraham and David ran the scrap business, Louis(?) ran a bottle yard at 800 Webster, Harry worked as a teamster for the scrap business, and William was bookkeeper for the bottle yard. In 1917, David sold the scrap business and went into the furniture business instead.

Abraham Bercovich Co. family business, Oakland, California 1

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