Describe A. J. Snyder Block here

[The information I found is that the Ross House is/was on the A. J. Snyder Block #2, 1879, 477 - 587 Ninth Street, and that architect Clinton Day was attributed to having built the Ross House]

[Given the two addresses, and the #2, I’m thinking there were two or more “Snyder’s Blocks”. Below are pictures of #1, at 477 9th Street. 587 9th Street has new apartments/condos. - Gene]

[Wasn’t this dude like the Donald Trump of early Oakland? He seemed to own a piece of everything! Also, his identically-named son continued the business, prolonging the magic/reign of terror - Mike]

Snyder’s Block
photo CC-A from Our Oakland
Snyder’s Block 1879
photo CC-A from Our Oakland

1896 Illustrated Directory

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