photo by greenkozTwo (2) Star Market is a local, family run liquor store / market in Dimond. From the outside they are very plain but in the inside there is an enormous beer selection. If they don't have something you want or are low, they will order for you. 

They have other liquor-store-corner-store type things, too- a small selection of crappy vegetables, some snack foods, and some other snack food  and convenience store products. There is always tons of toilet paper that looks like single ply might be an exaggeration. The old clerk has a beautiful singing voice.

According to their website, Two(2) Star is located on the site of the historic Tepper's Beer Garden.  Tepper's Hotel is still located behind the store and 2030 MacArthur.

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2018 MacArthur Blvd.


?? Maybe always open.