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The 2101 Club is a long-time bar at 2101 MacArthur Blvd. dating back to at least 1940 when it was 2101 Hopkins. It has a great neon sign.

The 1940 reverse directory lists the 2101 Club at 2101 Hopkins. In 1941, Leo R. Wallace applied for a cabaret license for "The 2101 Club", 1 but it soon became known as Wallace's 2101 Club. 2 By 1945, it had been sold to Alice and Johnny, and featured organ music by Gene Barnholt. 5 A 1947 article lists it with over 200 other bars facing suspension of their licenses for failure to serve food, and names Clarence Shipman. 6

Elaine Gallagher Paden (October 19, 1918 – September 13, 2002) and her husband Lynn Dunlap Paden owned the 2101 Club for many years. 7

In 2022, it is owned by Tony Duncan's family, who also own the Laurel Lounge. 8

March 1942 2May 1945 5

Building History

The building first appears on the 1912 Sanborn map.

In the 1920s, the location was home of the Hopkins Street Grocereria or the Hopkins Grocery. That was apparently sold in 1925. 3

The aptly named Blue Ribbon Buffet run by M.J. Styles was there in the 1930s, which featured Blue Ribbon Genuine Ale. 4 That seems to have been short-lived, as it isn't listed in the 1935 directory.

1934 ad 41912 Sanborn excerpt

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