2013 Oakland Housing Fair: Free housing workshops, Legal resources and options, first time home owners, mortgage problems, etc.

 Saturday, Sept 14Two sessions: 9am-12 or 1pm-4pm

Geoffrey's Inner Circle, 410 4th St.


Sponsored by NID Housing Counseling Agency, the City of Oakland, and Assembly Member Rob Bonta 

For registration and info:

http://nidonline.org/english.pdf or http://nidonline.org/spanish.pdf , 
268-9792 x 457

For homeowners having problems with their mortgages

Major lenders and HUD counselors will meet with you to discuss your options.  Please bring copies of:

  • Two current pay stubs
  • Two current bank statements
  • Two years full tax returns with schedules
  • Mortgage statements
  • Property tax and homeowners insurance documents
  • A hardship letter
  • Current utility bills

First-time home buyer certification program

Morning session - 9am-12noon

Afternoon session - 1-4pm

  • Learn how to qualify for a home mortgage loan
  • Ask questions of professionals in the home buying process
  • Qualify for your certification to have access to First Time Home Buyer down payment assistance programs