1913, courtesy Tim Sanchez
Cheney Photo Advertising


1700 Broadway is a 10-story building that has gone by various names over the years. It was designed in 1913 by Walter Reed and constructed by P.J. Walker, and was completed in 1914.

It was originally known as the Thomson Building. It was built by the daughter and son of Peter Thomson, Lucy Fay Thomson and William Edward Thomson, who financed $200,000 for the construction. Some early renderings shows the proposed building as including two towers, but only one was constructed. 1, 10

Beginning in about 1923, it was referred to as the Hutchison Building, suggesting it had been sold. 3 This name often appears associated with 1706 Broadway, but that is part of the same building.

In 1926, it was sold to the Great Western Power Company, 4 and became known as the Great Western Power Building. The company did a large remodel in 1928, with Reed and Corlett as architects. 5

By 1935, it was known as the Western Professional Building.

The facade of the building was redone in 1958, when it became the First Savings Building. 6,7,9

The Emporis website says it also underwent renovations in 2002. 8

rendering 101913 rendering 1January 1914 2Cathedral Building in foreground.
Courtesy Tim Sanchez
Cheney Photo Advertising
May 19141926 51958 8

1950 Sanborn excerpt

NB: Note the Baker electric car in the 1913 photo

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