Elevator decals at the downtown Marriott during Urban Shield, presumably showing some totally appropriate police gear available at the vendor show.Urban Shield is a war game police training simulation that took place in Oakland Oct. 25-28, 2013. Additionally there was a vendor show that marketing firearms and other kinds of emergency things at the Marriott downtown.

Oakland is co-hosting Urban Shield in 2013. It costs $200,000 (personnel for planning, etc.). It appears to have been approved in April and the council was only made aware of it on Sept. 24. 2013. The expenses are supposed to be reimbursed.

East Bay Express says: "Every year, UASI puts on a SWAT-team training competition called Urban Shield, which attracts participants from law enforcement and first responder agencies across the US and overseas. In recent years, security forces from Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan have participated in Urban Shield. The competition consists of live-action scenarios such as hostage-holding terrorists, active gunmen, bomb threats, chemical weapons attacks, and catastrophic fires.

It was at last year's Urban Shield exercise that Sheriff Ahern's staff tested an unarmed aerial drone in front of television cameras, setting off heated debate over a now-stalled plan to purchase two drones for the Alameda County Sheriff." [source]

Urban Shield is on twitter and is engaging with #oakmtg. Follow here.


Planned protest for Sept 5, 2014

There is a protest rally planned against Urban Shield at the downtown Oakland Marriott Hotel, on Sept 5, 2014 from 4-6pm. See https://occupyoakland.org/ai1ec_event/urban-shield-protest-rally-press-conference/?instance_id=.  The protest is being organized by the "Coalition Against Urban Shield", a group of about 26 anti-war and anti-poverty organizations; see http://facingteargas.org/stop-urban-shield-oakland.

There will be a barbecue and march to the rally in the afternoon, 12:30pm-4:30pm. See https://occupyoakland.org/ai1ec_event/justice-james-rivera-mario-romero-andy-lopez-bbq/?instance_id=277877.


Oct. 25th, 2013 Protest

On Oct. 25th, 2013, there was a protest in downtown Oakland against Urban Shield & also to commemorate the second anniversary of Occupy Oakland's eviction. There were many helicopters and a high police presence.

Here are some photos of the event:


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