Peter Y. Liu

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Peter Yuan Liu is a 2014 Oakland mayoral candidate. He has created a plan for the world to be a safer place, for ordinary people rise to be political and business leaders regardless if they’re poor and uneducated.

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Campaign Statement

note: the below is all provided by the candidate.

LIUforMayor2014.pdf (PDF of flier)

  • Poor immigrant arrived to the U.S. at age seven in 1987.
  • Educated in the Oakland Public Schools from Bella Vista to Oakland High, Class of 1998.
  • Graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with B.A., History. Minors in Legal Studies and Education. 2002.
  • United States Defense Information School, Fort Meade, Maryland. Diploma in Journalism.
  • Service-connected combat Army veteran at 23.
  • Insurance agent for eight years.
  • Investor of residential and commercial real estate.
  • A self-made multimillionaire at 33.

I am the World’s Smartest Leader. As we speak, CESP5, a game that enables ordinary people to be prosperous in the lands of capitalism, is spreading like wildfire across the world. Any community, business and political leader from any city in the world should have enough courage and thinking ability to adopt my Community Empowered Safety Plan because it will work if correctly implemented. Every step of this plan will greatly minimize crime risk and increase business activity in the city for a more prosperous future. This plan is not based on theory, but on real life experience. With CESP, world peace is achievable and I will prove it to the world in a timely fashion when leaders of all regions in the world make CESP the standard protocol. I bet my life on it so let it be in God’s hand.

God asked me to lead people to a world of peace and prosperity in 2003. I was a low ranking soldier on the battlefield in the Middle-East with bloods on hand, a sinner. Peace.pdf At the time I didn’t comprehend the task and God has put me through trials and now the understanding is complete. World peace and prosperity can be achieved with “Community Empowered Safety Plan”.

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Community Empowered Safety Plan

  1. New police chief will readily issue conceal carry permit to lawful city business owners, their workers or residents age 21+ who have clean background - Reality is the police can’t protect them neither in peacetime nor a riot.
  2. For every person caught with an illegal gun (stolen, serial scratched off, ineligible felon, etc.) obtain search warrants ASAP for their residences to get more illegal guns, find fingerprints on those guns, match in FBI databases for suspect straw purchasers for more potential arrests.
  3. Install mandatory surveillance in medium and high crime areas. Surveillance footage will be accessible real time via internet to lawful city residents with login and password.
  4. New policing strategy involve more community participation. Each officer will setup and advise a neighborhood watch that has about 7 to 25 volunteer members led by a team leader voted by the members. They will meet once a month to discuss issues affecting the neighborhood and the officer will be present as needed to give advice. Once the city declares an emergency, all neighborhood volunteers will be notified to prepare for best course of action to protect themselves or neighborhood which includes evacuation orders.
  5. Start a business center to teach small businesses entrepreneurship to city residents. “How to brainstorm a business suitable to the individual, how to make a business plan, obtain a business license, market their services or products, etc.”

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Camp Doha, Kuwait.Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Basra, Iraq.Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Basra, Iraq.Persian Gulf.

Ziggurat of Ur, a 5,000 yr old temple in Iraq.Fort McPherson, GA.

Son at Oakland Children’s Fairyland

I am not running for the prestige, wealth nor power. What inspires me to run for Office of Mayor of Oakland in 2014 is my son, he is nearly two years old. If I am mayor, I have 4 years to make the Oakland public schools safer and raise the education standards. Spouse always nagging me to buy a house in Alameda, Castro Valley, etc., but I don’t want to. I want my child to be able to go to the same public schools I went to and be proud of it. I am not going to escape from the problem.

I will also lead by example. If it is the crime that we have to deal with, I’ll be the first in the front lines with my officers. I am willing to lay my life down for a better future for all who lives in this city. I am running without any monetary donations and I rely on the good will of the people to spread my message. If you agree with what I am doing, please email your friends this website. Feel free to print this webpage and post it anywhere where it is legal. People can email me at with whatever questions they have, even if it is not campaign related. If you’ve helped me in any way, please email me to let me know. Thank you in advance for your support. Together, we’ll make Oakland better than our neighbors. ^_^ Be sure to check out the FAQ sections once in awhile, I get new questions on a regular basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are you running a campaign without any monetary donations?
    I became a self-made millionaire because I’ve been frugal and efficient. If I run a successful campaign on less than $1,000 without the fancy excess, who do you think would make the best budgeter for the City of Oakland?
  2. How much does your Community Empowered Safety Plan cost?
    It cost nothing additional to the city budget because the plan is self funding. The small fees for the concealed weapon permits for residents will fund the surveillance cameras. The fees from students at the business center will provide for compensation from various local business owners to teach their trade to residents. Each officer will magnify their effectiveness by setting a neighborhood watch at no additional cost neither.
  3. Why do we need a neighborhood watch and surveillance?
    Big Brother is what we need. Our police are way understaffed. We need to shift the bulk of patrol duties to the residents and electronic surveillance. This would put less stress on our officers and they can perform anti-crime measures. They will be a proactive anti-crime force rather than a passive reactive. With active engagement in solving crimes rather than in passive defense mode, we will achieve a safer, happier and more efficient city. Some people are concerned that surveillance equals a police state, however, surveillance in Oakland merely acts as extended ears and eyes of the public. Surveillance here works both ways since residents have access to it. This can both prevent police misconduct and crime from happening.
  4. How do you plan to be victorious on less than $1,000 for campaign?
    They say politics is a rich man’s game, that candidates who say to themselves that if they don’t get monetary donation over X amount then he/she will not run. I will destroy that notion. I will let people know that politics should be an honest person’s endeavor, regardless if you are rich or not. This is not a game, our sons’ and daughters’ future is at stake. It is too great of a loss to us if we don’t have effective leadership to motivate our residents and businesses into protectors of our loved ones. Therefore, with less than $1,000, I will print thousands of fliers, I and my volunteers will put those in businesses’ windows. Together, we will march around the city, going business to business, asking permission to display our flier. Each flier shall get the attention of at least 40 registered voters. When they see our message is dear to them, they will spread it by word of mouth. When the media gets ahold of our message, they will surely do what is right and of interest to people. I will walk hundreds of miles despite pain, meeting many people along this journey and carrying their strengths to victory.
  5. Wouldn’t it be dangerous for so many people eligible to be potentially carrying concealed weapons in Oakland?
    It would not be dangerous, in fact, it would be much safer from my experience as a war veteran. Emergency 911 response time in Oakland can be 30 minutes or more, are you going to take that kind of a chance to rely on police? People who are eligible to carry concealed are good people trained in their weapons. Naturalized citizens took an oath to protect the United States against all foreign and domestic enemies, we cannot uphold the oath if we are defenseless when criminals start shooting. If you are misinformed, thinking a gun ban in the city would make you safe, then you are dead wrong because terrorists and criminals love gun bans. We want ourselves and neighbors to be able to defend our children and not hide behind a tree. Calling the police after-the-fact when victims are dead don’t make Oakland safe. If you are a patriot, you would do right by the 2nd amendment and arm yourselves against enemies. It is better to have a gun never needing it, than not have it when you need it. Also, having a large numbers of good armed citizens would greatly deter crime.
  6. How can we help as volunteers?
    There is a pdf flier, LIUforMayor2014 you can download and email it to any Oakland businesses, political candidates from anywhere in the world (They are free to adopt the Community Empowered Safety Plan), residents, friends, family, whoever that will benefit from this knowledge. Ask them to print the flier and post it to their window if they believe in a world where their sons and daughters are safe from criminals. I highly encourage for those who wants to take a step further, go run for political office using my strategy and my plan. May God give you strength to rise and defend you, your sons and daughters’ freedom. Amen.
  7. What’s your assessment of other mayoral candidates?
    As of Feb. 17, 2014, none of them offers a concrete plan on how they’ll solve problems. Even if they do have a plan, they are tight lip about it like their grandmother’s secret recipe. They all depend on photo ops, talk a good feel empty substance talk to the local populace, with signs and slogans that doesn’t mean anything. They mostly align to progressive ideas that will turn Oakland into a mini-Detroit. They have nothing to run on other than dressing up in special appearances to ask for donors to shovel up more cash. By my standards, they are not leaders. Dan Seigal wants to raise minimum wage to $15/hr, that will kill off small businesses. I don’t want Oaklanders to aspire to minimum wage. I want them to be the new class of entrepreneurs, starting small businesses across the city. No matter if you are homeless, poor or rich, uneducated or Phds, you can still start a business which you love doing. This is the land of opportunity. It takes for someone like me who rise from the poor to rich and found success in business to lead others on the same path to prosperity. Bryan Parker banned me from his Facebook page after one posting. Parker claims education is the best weapon against poverty/crime. I disagreed with his assessment saying that even some PhDs live in poverty and default on their student loans. Some of the most high profile white collar crimes are committed by well educated criminals such as corrupted lawyers, politicians, financial bankers, investors, venture capitalists and much more. I told him that no matter if a person is poor or rich, uneducated or PhD, they can always start a business they love doing and earn money. This the land of opportunity. Then I got banned, that shows a lack of tact from Bryan Parker, an appointee of Mayor Jean Quan who also banned me from posting on her Facebook page, go figure. I know how to assess if people are leaders, Bryan Parker and Jean Quan definitely are not leaders, no true leader would be afraid of criticism and then silence critics.
  8. How are you going to increase the standards of education in Oakland?
    First we need to make Oakland a safe place for everyone to live, even the thugs and criminals. If criminals do not repent their ways, they will be taken down one way or another. Once we have a safe place, that would encourage better teachers to move to the city, it will increase property values and usher in a renaissance where arts, education and commerce flourish. Speaking of education, it is not necessary to succeed in life. Education taught by experience and self-taught through books is by far superior to any institutional education. Professors have knowledge in their respective fields, but their ability to think is on par with the students. The ability to think is critical in solving problems. You can have all the knowledge you want, but if you do not possess the ability to think of solutions to problems using the bulk of knowledge you possess, then knowledge is useless. To succeed in life requires a certain attitude to solve problems. A college degree, whether it be a AA, BA, BS, MA, MS or PhD are nothing but a slave paper for asking for a master (employer). The paper merely asks the master to give you a more favorable starting position, it doesn’t matter how well you served your master or how much you earned, in the end, you’ll find no satisfaction and your accomplishment is only monetary and you still do not have freedom. But freedom is the most expensive thing which you cannot obtain. Because you are not a master of your time and your time is your life, you are not a master of your own destiny. As a slave, you are wasting time at a job that can be spent with your kids. Instead you are at the mercy of people who take care of your kids and you worry about them every day, why it must be like this? It doesn’t have to be this way. I for one released myself from the slavery of employment long ago and became a master of my destiny, I have freewill and time to pursue whatever I want in life. I do not wake up each morning having hurry to go somewhere to do something to please my masters, there are none. I enjoy myself with my family everyday while making plenty of money with a stress-free lifestyle. Freedom is valuable. All and all, where you start in life doesn’t matter, it is where you end up that counts. Along the way, the God who gave you freewill, knew how you helped those less fortunate along the way.
  9. Who are your target voters, when so many in the Bay Area are liberal Democrats who are against your policies?
    My target voters are “smart people.” People who have guts to know what’s real, what isn’t. People who know what genuine leadership is about. People who realizes that all good men must be able to defend their defenseless love ones. If they refuse to do this basic duty when the shooting starts, then they are cowards who will run away and hide. Because men have technologically advanced to a point where a gun is the best choice of defense, then common sense dictates you must conceal carry to properly defend yourself and others. Democrat politicians are weak-minded and their policies have failed in Detroit and Chicago for over 60 years in rule. Now those cities have the most liberal gun control measures and are run by criminals from the politicians, police and down to thugs on the street who terrorize the population with impunity. ”Gun-Free Zones” near schools are the stupidest liberal Democrat idea, criminals don’t care about it and they know those places are perfect for their criminal activities since only law-abiding citizens are disarmed. True leaders don’t lie like Obama. Democrats speak double tongue with political correctness and apologize later for it. By my standards, Democrat politicians are not leaders, they are weak minded photo ops eccentric and they give false promises with no plan to achieve any of their goals. I let people knows what’s real, what isn’t. I do not sugar coat my speech to appeal to audiences. I’ll give you the truth on how I solve problems, not false hope. Edward Snowden, Democrat politicians may loathe him, but Snowden is the real leader and hero of the U.S.A whereas Obama is the real traitor. Snowden gave the truth, his service to the United States is undeniable, his loyalty is unquestionable to the masses and he is a fighter of Freedom. Argue whatever you want, but the truth remains, Snowden gave truths and Obama gave lies. Snowden is the leader, Obama the false hoper. I challenged the Democrat establishments to call forth their smartest, honest leaders and politicians to attack the CESP plan and none came because there were none.
  10. Why are you giving your Community Empowered Safety Plan free to others to adopt?
    Why keep it a secret if you have strong conviction that your plan is superior to any plan that’s out there. I am at the threshold of a new era of honest politicians, true leaders who use my plan to go win elections efficiently with their own money, with no donations whatsoever. Political donations is akin to bribery, it corrupts and clouds the judgment of politicians. When honest leaders adopt my plan across the world, the world will be a safer place for our sons and daughters.
  11. Is there any proofs or studies that support the stance that “the solution to gun violence is more guns”?
    Look no further than Detroit and Chicago, it has been in Democrats’ control for more than half a century. Those cities has the most progressive gun controls. The cities are literally dark. The cities put up light bulbs in one area and the next day it is shot up by criminals and copper wires stolen by thieves. Any animal in the sky, land and sea have their own defense mechanism. Self-defense is a God given right. We have evolve to technical superiority that fists and knives no longer enable man to defend himself against man or a group of men. A gun is as the best tool available to us for defense and soon in the near future would be overtaken by laser. I know the reality is a sad state, but if there are enough good men who takes arm to defend the defenseless, then we’ll survive with our freedoms intact. Oakland is on a path of destruction like Detroit and Chicago if Democrats get their way. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is what gives citizenry the power to oppose tyranny of government and criminal organizations. The police are people, they are no different than you and I except they choose it as an occupation. They are citizens like you and I, but with a gun. To rely on them for every protection is no better than being armed yourself. Think of it this way. You and five of your friends are watching a movie at home. An intruder breaks into your house and held you hostage at gunpoint while five of your friends ran into the bedroom and restroom to hide. Your intruder orders all of your friend to come out of the rooms within 5 seconds or else he shoots you dead. The question is, would you rather at least have one of your friends to concealed carried a gun? Or you take the chance to be all raped and murdered.
  12. Army veteran, what was your position when you were in the Army and why were you disabled?
    Military Service Occupation 46Q, journalism. War trauma, 70% mood disorder, 10% back pain, experience of death of soldiers to IED, fell off a HMMWV. Witness death of soldiers, civilians and enemy combatants. 10% from respiratory problems/asthma from air particles in warzone. Deployed there two weeks before Operation Iraqi Freedom started March 2, 2003. I still have some articles on the internet a decade ago. Google “Spc. Petersi Liu”
  13. Under the CESP #5, you want residents to be the new wave of entrepreneurs and start businesses across the city, sounds like a bold plan, how will you achieve it?
    We will achieve it with speed and efficiency of the ideas of hundreds of people. We invite hundreds or maybe a thousand job seekers and unemployed to a convention with their resumes, we will then group them into zip codes, we then split the people of the zip codes to groups of 7+ (odd number for voting purposes). We then have each participant to brainstorm for 10 minutes a business idea with a description on paper what they might have experience on or knowledge of. Each will then introduce their idea to their group. Then once all the ideas are heard, then the group votes on which person have the best idea, the person who’s best idea is selected as the founder and leader of a new company, the rest of the members are co-founders, then the group looks at the resumes, then vote on who will be the secretary, treasurer, etc, they will design a business plan revolving their idea. They will be working unpaid but individual efforts are tracked until the business gets off and makes money, then they will allocate the profits to reinvest in the business or pay out as income. Each individual in a group has a choice to stay in the business or not, their efforts will be monitored by the group’s leaders and they can be voted out if they don’t contribute to the effort. This is how capitalism works. If the group’s first business does not make money, they can always try another business idea. I had two failed businesses before I found one that works for me, so do not be afraid of failure, experience teaches you. Once we have many new businesses in the city down the road, the city will have increased tax revenues to give residents better services. Anyone in the world can use my concept to start businesses because it is easy, do-able and it works. Use the plan to get the desired wealth you want, then helped those less fortunate. We cannot depend on lying politicians and corporations who claim to create jobs, neither does education gives you job. All people in the world who are unemployed or underpaid must rise to be the new class of entrepreneurs to create their own jobs through seer determination and creativity. Once the world understands this easy-to-understand concept of capitalism, then there will be an economic revival of the poor and underclass. Through their efforts in teamwork, we’ll have safer and better communities across the land.
  14. Do you really believe the poor and uneducated can become honest leaders and politicians?
    Absolutely, people who plays the game CESP5 and wins, already demonstrate all the leadership traits necessary to solve real life problems. Smart people are problem solvers. Dumb people do not solve problems, they create problems for others to solve. Also, all politicians who are advocating education as means to success are wrong, quite the opposite. The truth is education does not grant you a job nor success in life. Having a formal degree like a Ph.D. does not mean you’re smart. I’ve heard stories of Ph.D. working for minimum wage. A person with a Ph.D. may have more knowledge, but anyone can get the same knowledge from the library for free. I don’t care if you have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, if you do not have the thinking ability to use those knowledge to solve problems, then you’re not smart. Formal education makes a person lose many years of productivity, be stressed and burden with student loans and debts. What gives you a job and success is your thinking ability. Your thinking ability can only be increased when you solve real life problems. There is no better way to solve real life problems than starting a business with a group of people. Once you start a business, you’ve created your own job. Your job is to find solutions to problems, then use your thinking power to translate the solution into profits. Once your business is profitable and you’ve become millionaires, then you can employ any people, even those with Ph.D. Therefore, people with college degrees are not more successful compared to people without degrees. People with degrees just think they are smarter, but in reality is not true. Your thinking power determines if you are smart. The journey of running a business is a process of self-education, you will learn about leadership, honesty, teamwork, responsibility and integrity, all of which maybe lacking in a university setting. At any university, there are vast amounts of students who cheat on papers and tests, spending leisure time fooling around, solve imaginary problems and learn about a bulk of knowledge that is non-essential to success. I’ve been there before, I know. Self-education by experience and self taught at a public library for free is far superior to any institutional education. Therefore, do not underestimate people who are poor and without degrees. There are people younger than me, without college degrees, who have thinking abilities far surpassed mine and I am already at the top 1% of thinking power.
  15. You said Obama is not a leader, a false hoper and a lying politician, how’d would you deal with the issue of Russia invading Ukraine if you’re the President of the United States?
    Tell Russia that if it invades Ukraine, then the United States would take North Korea. Then follow it through with real action, what needs to be done, be done.
  16. How will teaching the game, CESP5, make communities safer?
    CESP5 is a game that teaches people how to be rich the legal way, without depriving the life and property of others. It will lessen criminal activities and create safer communities. Criminals do crime because one of three motives, 1. for money, 2. to impress someone and/or 3. for lust, hate or entertainment. All these motives can be offset by CESP5. If you want money, you create a successful business. If you want to impress someone, you can be an affluent business and/or political leader in your community. If you seek love, when you attain success, be known to others as responsible, then you have many options.
  17. When you are the foremost leader of the world and all leaders from states down to the local level adheres to the Community Empowered Safety Plan, how would it enable peace and prosperity?
    Peace and prosperity in the world is very achievable, CESP will achieve that objective by eliminating crime throughout society everywhere. CESP will enable a world without discontent, because everyone is free to be leaders in their own community through their determination to succeed, no longer will there be an excuse for them not to participate in the the economy because through CESP, they have the power and knowledge to make their own jobs and rise to be honest business leaders and politicians. CESP is a plan that gives people a chance to be on a righteous path. Leadership, honesty, teamwork, responsibility and integrity are all superior to selfishness, deceit, greed, hate, irresponsibility and envy. For all people who have selfishness, deceit, greed, hate, irresponsibility and envy, CESP will convert them to the path of righteousness. If you are the head of a household, you are a leader, you must know teamwork, you must know responsibility, you must have honesty and integrity in the family or there will be no peace and prosperity in your household. Your family will break apart because there will be nothing holding it together. Just like a world is a household, we must hold it together with leadership, honesty, teamwork, responsibility and integrity, all these combined is real love.
  18. What’s your take on domestic violence?
    Domestic violence, on a small scale, without intention to destroy, like slapping the face is tolerable only to a degree. Violence occurs when a person looses control of their emotion and it can be sudden. They may regret the action right afterwards. The offender can increase their emotion control by stress release by hitting hard objects like steel. Then learn why they lose control in the first place. If it is due to alcohol, then drink less amount of it. If it is the lost of ability to think, argue or reason then think of situations where you should be cool headed. Almost all arguments are trifle stuff that no violence should even occur. People get angry and upset over small things, and a person with mastery of control their emotions will not be affected by small negative emotions. The use of violence should only be used to defend/protect your love ones, not hurt them. 1. If there is immediate physical danger to me or my family. 2. to disable/disarm an attacker to save a victim.
  19. Why do you create CESP and spread it to the people in the world?
    I wasn’t born welcomed to this world. I was born as the 2nd child in a One-Child-Policy in China. The government forced my mother at full pregnancy to drink a black liquid to induce labor to abort me. My grandmother, who happens to be at the rural village hospital, saw me born as a boy so she immediately took me away. As the result of this incident, my father’s salary was reduced 20% and his pension forfeited by order of the communist regime. My mother had disclose this to me several years ago. So now I have an objective, I will ascend to be a world class leader and destroy all the unfair laws of the world and to bring justice and peace for all children who comes into this world.
  20. What would the world be like if every leader adopts the CESP?
    There would be economic equality, everyone who wants work, will have work. Crime will be very very rare. People would be honest and responsible. Business leaders and politicians ethnical. Everyone have equal chance to rise to be community, business and political leaders. Currently, the theory of practice is that keeping at least 5% of the population unemployed and looking for work would maintain a good work force at minimum wage. With a pool of potential job applicants, people at the middle or lower tier jobs are very vulnerable and exploited because their jobs are very very replaceable. Unless of course you’re of the rich class with education from an “elite university” and be the rulers of corporations. Education and elitism that university produces are false good products of society, it adds no value to the workforce. I welcome any Ph.D. from Harvard, Yale or any university to challenge my assessment any day, because my thinking ability has already surpassed 99.999999% of people on Earth. I am offering real solutions to the world’s major problems of poverty, crime and corruption, leaders of the world take heed.
  21. How would you restructure the higher education system of the world to be more efficient?
    Right now, the higher education system is very inefficient and its degree system is obsolete, replaced by licenses. The worldwide university system currently wastes the time of people in their youth, their most productive years saddled with student loans and debt. I would redesign to eliminate all universities and their degree programs. What would replace it would be universal knowledge database libraries online, can be operated by any government or private entity, which anyone with online access can freely self-taught any knowledge they want to know for their careers, for a sum of money that is reasonable and not excessive like today’s university system. Once the person thinks they have enough knowledge of an area of expertise, then they can apply for a government test to get a license in their study. So for instance, a person who self-studies the mechanical engineering material at home, if stuck on material understanding, can be tutored by other engineers in his/her family, friend or paid tutors. If the person passed and given a license, then he/she can pursue their career. If that person after a few years decides that mechanical engineering is too stressful, he/she may self-teach laws of his/her own state and then take a bar exam. So therefore, an open system of knowledge is available to people and they can switch careers easily. A smart person with powerful thinking abilities can be holding licenses as a medical doctor, engineer and lawyer. These licensing exams will be state sponsored, and the exams can take days and be administered by groups of professionals, and each prospect will be tested on their thinking ability and knowledge expertise. A person can hold several career qualifications and they can do it within a year or two of study rather than decades under the current system. Under the current system, a person who wants a medical doctorate, a law degree and engineer degree will have to do 4 years of undergrad degree science, 3 years of medical school, 2 years of on-site training, 3 years of law school, 2 years of training, 2 years of engineering. All these years are a waste if they failed the state license for their medical board, bar exam or engineering license. Therefore, today’s universities’ degree system does not meet the challenges of the people and universities themselves are dinosaurs, they take up valuable land and all can be replaced by servers and people can study comfortably in their own communities where they grew up, no more separating from their loving families and friends. Also, the products of today’s universities are terrible, from B.A. to Ph.Ds many are snobbish, unethical and they lack thinking abilities to solve real life complex problems. If these university professors were smart, we would be living in a Utopia by now. What a shame, even Ivy League colleges are nothing more than playgrounds for the rich and the wealthy, in reality none of their professors and students are smart. Each can write a hundred page essay of why I am wrong, but they are no more productive than clowns and are outclassed by comedians. Just for fun, I went to all the Ivy Leagues’ Facebook pages and spammed this. Then I granted myself the title of “World’s Smartest Leader.” Let’s see who is stupid enough to come challenge me for the title.
  22. What do you think of Democrat bloggers at who screamed obscenity because of your pro-gun agenda?
    Those Democrat bloggers are the most vile, insincere and stupidest creatures on American soil. I applaud illegal immigrants for their hard working habits, with that said, the Democrat bloggers are far worse than illegal immigrants. The Democrat political establishment that rely on these democrat bloggers are full of thieves, cowards, liars, losers, thugs and gangbangers. Democrats politicians are the most dishonest and ignorant and their support base is not much better off. All of them are not leaders, they came from Ivy League universities and act like prima donnas, they are photogenic and act like they care about the poor, but in reality they really don’t give a shit about the poor nor the working class. Democrat politicians will bankrupt cities so they can line their own pockets full of cash along with their families and friends. As for their anti-gun agenda, those same Democrat politicians have conceal gun permits and they will use it for self defense. These hypocrite Democrat scumbag politicians just don’t want average citizens to have conceal carry in the effort to make themselves more safe while they take bribes from special interests and ask for donations. This is the truth. In the future, with God’s help, we will dismantle the Democratic Party establishment and bring order and justice to the people, for too long they’ve been misled by false hope and deceit.
  23. What’s your view on K-12 education?
    K-12 education in the United States is far behind in the world simply because we do not teach children to teach themselves. All children are born with a desire to self teach themselves through their own discovery, let them be children and play, let them have freedom to discover their own ways to solve problems. They are born to be creative, each have magnificent imagination, it is through their imagination that new ideas to solve world problems are formed by their dreams. Unfortunately, this imagination is imprisoned in schools with kids sitting still in classrooms like zombies. They glance over the clocks to check when it will be recess so they can play. The classroom subjects are too repetitive, too limited and unchallenging, kids get bored fast. We need to change this unproductive environment of learning which is not learning at all, and there is no music in the classroom. Higher education is crap too, all the world universities are crap. A person who self teaches himself/herself can learn all of the bachelor degree subjects in less than one year. The reason for 4 years to learn the education of a bachelors degree is just ridiculous because colleges needs tuition money to supply their administrations, professors and buildings, so they stretch it to four years all the while the students party away, get drunk and have freedom to do “kids stuff” they missed doing in K-12. If our children learned at a young age to be self taught, their thinking ability will outclass any of their college professors. That is why college is obsolete and CESP5 is superior because it self teaches real education.
  24. Who is your choice for the President of the United States in election 2016?
    Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell. I was a journalist at Third Army Headquarters in Fort McPherson, GA, Feb. 2003, when he gave that speech in front of the U.N. I’ve sent him the message asking him to run for President, he needs to redeem himself by running with the ”Community Empowered Safety Plan.” Powell is not a community organizer, he is an honorable man, unlike any lying Democrat politicians.
  25. What is wrong with society today and how you will improve it?
    Society in general has gone astray, misled into a path of individualism, of selfishness, of immoral behavior to do as one pleases without regard to others. We can divert to the path of righteousness with teaching our young kids in middle school about leadership, honesty, teamwork, responsibility and integrity. All these combined are true love. We teach children that despite their background, there is ability within them to do great things throught the Community Empowered Safety Plan. We live together for a common cause, to raise a civilized people each person having leadership abilities ingrained since they were young, to be able to stand in the world and be proud of their actions, to achieve unity by love of their society. A world where there is no crime because everyone can achieve success. Those who achieve success will help others less fortunate to achieve success too, we’ll live in a peaceful world where war is obsolete, divorces will be low, real love is high and hate crime will perish. World peace is achievable in our lifetime, of society great and small when all the leaders adopt the CESP.
  26. What do you say to leaders who do not accept the Community Empowered Safety Plan?
    Then they must show a greater plan than CESP, otherwise they are pathetic for not following what’s righteous and just. There are leaders that are really misleaders and they mislead their state into a path of destruction. Such as Obama, he has the thinking ability of a high schooler despite being Ivy League educated. Way before Obamacare, there was Cash for Clunkers, I knew then and there the man is an idiot who does not practice frugality and waste taxpayers money. Obama is representative of all Democrat politicians and they are pathetic liars and cheats. For they are limited in mind and service to their party, which outweighs their representation of people. They are not free thinkers and are slave minds, they would not adopt CESP out of their free will because their party will dismiss and ostracize them. Therefore they are not leaders, because they do the opposite, they are misleaders. I for one lets CESP to be freely adopted all leaders in the world, see if they are wise and courageous enough to follow the World’s Smartest Leader.
  27. Why do you consider yourself to be the World’s Smartest Leader?
    I am the most powerful thinker of solutions to real life problems.  Under my guidance, people around the world, regardless of their background, are playing and spreading the CESP5 game, which self-educate, enlighten and greatly increase our thinking abilities to be future community, business and political leaders. Together, we are the new era of worldwide leaders based on honesty, teamwork, responsibility and integrity. We rise for world peace, creating a world free of crimes, safety for everyone in our communities, thus the plan is called “Community Empowered Safety Plan.” World peace starts at the community level. Once all the communities in a city is in compliance with CESP, then the city will be safe and it will rise in commerce and productivity with many new businesses. Tax revenues will increase as a result. A safe city then can offer better services and expand in population. Once all the cities in the world adopt CESP, there will be world peace.
  28. If you think god asked you "to spread the plan to the world" then you shouldn't be in a position governing people.
    God has a plan for everyone. You're not on Earth by random, you have a higher purpose. I do not govern people, it is people who will govern themselves. I am powerful not because I am strong, but that even when I am weak and no longer on Earth, I still give power to others through the workings of this plan. Thus, this plan is called "Community Empowered Safety Plan", it is not power with a single individual, but a community. At no point will I have control over your lives nor others, you all have free will to do as you please, the God who gave you this free will, will know how'd you help others.
  29. Why should voters elect you?
    I came to Oakland as a poor immigrant, been through the public schools, went to college, went to war, came back home and realized there wasn't any job for me so I created my own company and became a millionaire. From my experiences, I created the "Community Empowered Safety Plan" to address safety, commerce, jobs and education. The plan is actionable, self funding, even a middle schooler can understand it. 
  30. How would you improve street safety and responsiveness of the police?
    Under CESP#3, medium and high crime areas are fitted with surveillance, these cameras are connected to the internet and the public can access it real time to see what's going on in their neighborhood. If they see a crime happening, they can call police from the safety of their homes without going outside to the streets. This will save on police responsive time.
  31. What’s your stand on Core Curriculum in Education?
    Whatever Core Curriculum is, it is obsolete. CESP5 is superior because it self teaches education necessary to succeed in life, leadership, honesty, teamwork, responsibility and integrity. K-12 education in the United States is far behind in the world simply because we do not teach children to teach themselves. All children are born with a desire to self teach themselves through their own discovery, let them be children and play, let them have freedom to discover their own ways to solve problems. They are born to be creative, each have magnificent imagination, it is through their imagination that new ideas to solve world problems are formed by their dreams. Unfortunately, this imagination is imprisoned in schools with kids sitting still in classrooms like zombies. They glance over the clocks to check when it will be recess so they can play. The classroom subjects are too repetitive, too limited and unchallenging, kids get bored fast. We need to change this unproductive environment of learning which is not learning at all, and there is no music in the classroom. If our children learned at a young age to be self taught using the library, computers, etc. their thinking ability will outclass any of their college professors. When kids are in middle school, they should play the CESP5 game, do fundraising, handle real currency, using their math skills to solve currency exchange between hands. They will learn crucial skills earlier on. If they steal money, they will learn the consequences. If they succeed in making profit, they will feel confidence. If they lost time or money while fundraising, they will learn how to be more efficient. If they see others succeed where they failed, they will adapt new strategies. With CESP5, our thinking ability are increased by solving real life problems.  
  32. Oakland: What’s your stand on the Domain Awareness Center DAC?
    It is a great idea. This works in conjunction with CESP#3. The requirement that I add to DAC is that its surveillance of public areas are accessible real time to the public and police. This will further public trust as DAC can prevent crimes and police misconduct. 
  33. How can Oakland revitalize the economy without squeezing out the working and middle class?
    Economic revitalization under CESP5 will be inclusive of all residents willing to participate. The middle class, the underpaid and unemployed will be the economic revival. With CESP5, the knowledge of capitalism in an easy actionable form, ordinary working middle class residents will easily become leaders of groups of people who start new businesses across the city.
  34. Oakland: How will you work to keep sports teams in Oakland?
    The city does not have any leverage at this point. If they decide to move elsewhere, it is their choice. However, when I am mayor of this city, under the CESP, I will turn Oakland into an economic powerhouse that rivals the Hong Kong of China. At that point, sport teams from the west coast of the United States will be begging to come play here at the "model city" and they will pay a premium to the city for that honor. Until then, if there are no teams staying, our stadium will be played by local high schools and community colleges. 
  35. How is your campaign going?
    There is great demonic influence in the big Bay Area newspapers, namely the San Francisco Chronicle, and Oakland Tribune,, they are bias and they readily do stories on liberal/progressive Democrat candidates and go out their way to ignore conservatives. This is shoddy, rigged and unprofessional journalism as they have became the mouth piece of the left. They failed as investigative, credible journalists to see both side of the stories. Also, both these news organization practice un-American extreme censorship, when people put comments, if has to be filtered by an "editor" before it is posted and any posting that hurts Democrats' feelings are void. They are Democrat political pundits masquerading as journalists. I put my journalism integrity over theirs any day of the week.  
  36. How would you make healthcare more efficient?
    The Affordable Healthcare Act does not work because health insurance is bullshit.  We should take out the middle man, no health insurance companies, straight health care.  No health insurance agents, no insurance health industry personnel, no health claims adjustors, no claim reps. Just doctors, nurses and hospital administration. People would pay directly for costs after treatment.  Local government official at the county level oversees that healhcare costs are reasonable and that medicine prices are reasonable, if complaint arises, done through quick arbitration process within the government. This would cut healthcare costs considerably because for every man working in the healthcare insurance industry can be instead working as nurses, doctors or admins. This would also eliminate price gouging for services and medicine.
  37. So you want Oakland to be an experiment where citizens go around with loaded pistols?
    It is not an expriment, a whole country of Switzerland have gun permits with many lawful citizens conceal carry.  I understand liberals have irrational fear of guns, but Switzerland's annual rate of homicide by any means per 100,000 population was 0.70, which is one of the lowest in the world.  Oakland's homicide per 100,000 is 26, meaning Switzerland is more than 30 times safer than Oakland.  What liberals fear are the gang culture of guns.  The lawful gunowners culture prevent gang gun culture from exerting their terror on the population. 
  38. Do we need more police officers in Oakland?
    Under CESP, it would work with the existing number of police officers we have. Each officer will setup a 7 to 25 volunteers neighborhood watch. They will monitor surveillance set up in high and medium crime areas. Surveillance is open to the view of the residents in realtime on the internet so it can both prevent crime and police misconduct. This allows residents to report to police via a touch of a keyboard or call 911 from the safety of their homes if they saw a crime happening. With hundreds of new businesses created using CESP5, the city will have additional revenue few years later to hire additional police officers if necessary.
  39. What's your take on Sterling with the NBA?
    The United States' ideal of free speech becomes a witch hunt for whites. Sure Donald Sterling's rant is intolerable to liberals, but has the man commited an evil crime as that of Michael Vicks who killed dogs, yet not banned from sports for life. Sterlings' punishment just not fit the wrong he has done, no victims were slayed because of his private rant. $2.5 million fine is a complete extortion from the NBA whose games tickets are overpriced to the majority of their fan base. It filled the pockets and egos of players who contribute to society of only meaningless entertainment value and thought of heros to the mass of witch hunters. Real heros are people like Snowden, not NBA players. Obama is one of the worthless contributors to this witch hunt and he have time to comment about Sterling while other world leaders are establishing economic and military superiority over the U.S. Him, Jackson and Sharpton are the racist promoters of white witch hunt. It is a sad reality in the United States that people care more about sports than politics, people call for ban of cheating in baseball, boxing, cycling, football, wrestling, etc., then when politicians lied, they are given free pass as if it is business as usual.
  40. As mayor, how you prevent youths from incarceration and instead seek education?
    We have to stop ingraining our youth with the employee mentality and give them the employer mentaility using the CESP5, the power to self educated themselves and the ability to earn wealth without resulting to criminal activities. We should start teaching youth in middle school to play CESP5, create their own businesses such as selling cookies, candies, water, etc.  When youth practice business at a young age, they will learn how to handle money and if they steal, will learn there are consequences because they have a reputation to upkeep. As their businesses grow, their reputation will grow and their customer and client base will grow.  They will feel confident in their honesty because that will earn them trust with their customers and clients.
  41. As a leader, how would you handle a crisis of 300 girls abducted by militants in Nigeria?
    Arm the citizens, every able man and woman have to be armed. Peace is not free, to achieve peace you must be ready to fight at all times against enemies bent on murder. What is there to prevent such terrorism in the United States if Democrats disarmed lawful gun owners? In Oakland, we are experiencing a disarmed populace being terrorized by gangs. Liberal gun control advocates are not defenders of peace, they will run away and hide like cowards when confronted with murderous enemies. These same liberals who made themselves victims and will go blame police for long response time. God commands people to seek peace, and to seek peace you must be armed. Kill and murder is the same word in Arabic. Thou shall not kill is meant as thou shall not murder in translation. Killing an attacker while defending yourself is not murder. You must protect yourselves, your love ones and come to the aid of victims being attacked. Some liberal asked me, "As a Christian, shouldn't you turn the other cheek?"  That just refers to someone hitting you on the face without murderous intent. Do not turn the other cheek when their intention is to murder you with weapons. If you do, you will be a victim.
  42. How you came to believe in existence of God?
    When I came to the U.S. at age seven, I was an atheist. My grandmother's friend's daughter gave me an English name, Peter.  She is a Christian and she took me and my sister to the Bay Area Chinese Bible Church. I went to Sunday school classes and didn't really believe in God. Those other kids were listening biblical stories and singing but it were all fuzzy and funny to me.  All I knew was that the van came Sundays to pick us up for Church and afterwards drove us back home and gave us free candies like M&M or Skittles. I went to Church for the candies. Fast forward to a dozen year later I am starting Army basic training at Fort Knox, the drill sergeant says, "Today is Sunday, for all those who aren't going to religious services, you must stay behind and clean the barracks." It was an obvious choice to attend Church services. Still didn't have faith until I was shipped overseas to Kuwait.  Then I worried about myself, what if I died in a war, where else would I go.  Once I was in Kuwait, Operation Iraqi Freedom started few weeks later and onward to Iraq, I started to pray out of an abundance of caution.  Realizing the possibility of death and danger I prayed to Jesus for my safety.  I even cried when I thought about how the Army recruiter told me months earlier, "Don't worry about combat Peter. You're just a journalist. You'll sit behind a desk and type on a keyboard. No danger will come to you. Don't worry about it." As months go forward in battle, I was wary of death and destruction living in a desert tent. I had thought of suicide with a M16 I was carrying. My supervisor at the time, Sgt. Major Lawrence Stevens of Third Army, sensed my intent and took away the rifle. Prior to this incident, I step foot at the house of biblical Abraham, near Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq, the 5,000 year old moon temple. After my suicide attempt was thwart, God came to me in a vision and commanded me to bring world peace and prosperity. At that moment, I realized God was everywhere. You can see his creations everywhere. There is no other life form in the universe like us, smart as us, no other animal in the world comes even close. God is the composer of our DNA. If we were to evolve into intelligent beings, can we not evolve into immortals? No. Only God can allow this and that is why there is life, death and destruction in this world but not of the Kingdom of Heaven. 
  43. Candidate Joe Tuman twitter May 22, 2014 that he released "the most detailed approach to crime of all the candidates," what's your take on it?
    A plan has two critical components, control and execution which is seriously lacking in Tuman's plan. First, Tuman calls for more police officers, he says, "In order to increase police staffing...we need more money." In order to get this money he wants to sell surplus public lands and increase business taxes. These two items are beyond the control of the mayor and involves city council, public hearings, etc. Its execution would be complex to a point were residents would oppose land selling, and/or how land would be sold to whom, business would oppose taxes, etc. There are too many external factors beyond the control and execution of the mayor's office. Secondly, Tuman calls for practices that work. Sounds good until you look at the details. He wants OPD to have regular patrols to all parts of the city, but he wants them to literally walk on the streets. Oakland is not London. If I was a police officer in Oakland and I need to walk to patrol the streets, I may sooner be a victim of a drive by myself. Fuck this job, I'll quit. Imagine yourself to be a police officer and you just turned a corner and saw a sideshow with a car doing donuts in front of you, are you going to run after them? No! If I am not in a patrol car, I'd get my ass ran over. Fuck this job. I'll quit. Thirdly, Tuman say we need "Special Initiatives for Specific Crimes" such as child prostitution, illegal dumping and sideshows. Then he goes on to explain how we create a complex hostile environment for johns, special unit to check social media for sideshow info and seize vehicles for illegal dumping and sideshows.  Which all brings back to Tuman's call for more police officers.  I have a better solution, just put simple surveillance up in medium and high crime areas to deter those crimes from happening.  It is economical too without all that complexity bullshit. Fourthly, Tuman says we need to "Ameliorate the Root Causes of Crime," it was demoralizing I had to get a dictionary to look up this particular word. All these PhD-less people must be scratching their heads, it means "improve". Tuman claims "Poverty is at the root of much of Oakland's crime." This is one of the most ignorant liberal propagandas I've ever heard. When I was poor, I didn't go mugging and stealing, neither did any of my friends from poor schools. This assertion is a complete farce and an insult to the poor and excuses crimes attributed to one's social-economic status rather than their lack of morals. This is like other candidates claiming the root cause of crime is poor people lacking BitCoins. It is absurd. Finally, Tuman says "We Need a Leader and a Plan We Can Afford." Well, I am the World's Smartest Leader and my God approved "Community Empowered Safety Plan" is self funding with absolute control and easy execution anywhere in the world. Checkmate! ^0^
  44. Do you still advocate for guns in light of the recent shootings at Santa Barbara and Concord?
    God wants all people to seek peace. To have peace, you must be armed at all times against enemies foreign or domestic bent on destroying the peace. Jesus's disciples carried swords when they travel to ward against robbers, thieves and murderers. When his disciples travel, Jesus specifically asked if they had carried swords, if they lack swords, he told them to trade their clothing for one. Luke 22:35-38. Therefore, we must be armed to be able to protect ourselves, our love ones and rescue victims. Those who are against being armed are pacifists, they believe that if they are nonviolent, then no violence will come to them. Wishful thinking at best, who will let their women and children get slaughtered while they run for cover being unarmed. The founding fathers of the United States are Christian Protestants. They know about peace and how to maintain peace. Can you imagine them signing the Declaration of Independence without knowing the colonists were well armed and readied to defend their new nation? Just as our founding fathers defend off enemies to secure our peace, we shall do no less and be armed. God commands you to defend the weak.
  45. What's your impression of other candidates and what are their chances of winning?
    As of May 27, 2014. Mayor Jean Quan - Liar Liar pants on Fire with excess baggage of bad press and negative chance of winning. Dan Siegal - Slick liberal lawyer endorsed by his lawyer buddies from San Francisco eyeing to sue the crap out of Oakland businesses who fails to living up to his $15/hour minimum wage decree, slim chance of winning with mayority lawyers support, minimum wage earners who most likely too lazy to go to polls on election day. Siegal is wasteful spender who knows nothing about frugality, it is an irony for a minimum wage advocate to spend so lavishly on his candidacy announcement ceremony in downtown Oakland where he spent a small fortune on colorful balloons, meaningless "Dan Siegal" signs which only attest to the correct spelling of his name.  Bryan Parker - Pro BitCoin progressive prolific spam advertiser, wasteful spender on counter-productive ads online that leads to his campaign website containing no useful information whatsoever. Additionally, Parker plaster campaign signs at blight properties, adding to the blight, would any respectable person's name want to be associated with blight? Chance of him winning is like picking 5 numbers correct on a CA Super Lotto ticket. Jason Anderson - Pro BitCoin economy liberal green party endorsed candidate, historically chance of the green party losing is almost 100% certain but it can be different this time, a green party candidate should win sometime but advocating for up to $20/hr minmum wage would scare a lot of business friendly voters. Joe Tuman - Anti-gun right pro-police liberal ObamaCare believer, he released a highly flawed crime plan which is uncontrollable and non-executable, if I show such a plan to any city leader in the world to execute it, they'll be asking a lot of WTF questions. He impulsively ran for mayor in 2010, came in 4th place and killed a neighbor's dog driving at unsafe speed in a residential zone. His chance of winning is better than the rest mentioned before. However, the current most powerful candidate is Libby Schaaf, she is a pretty slick democrat lawyer with secret backing from Jerry Brown's network of special interests. Her chance of winning is the greatest unless I, a darkhorse conservative comedian, World's Smartest Leader with less than $1,000 campaign budget gets help by word of mouth or rumors spread online from viewers like you. =)  For all other candidates whom I didn't mention, I don't know you that well, and that's a good thing.
  46. What do you think is the root cause of crimes and how do we prevent killers such as Elliot Rodger?
    Elliot Rodger is a godless rich liberal youngster with no morals. No money in the world would of save his depraved ass from being a killer. So for all those rich liberals spilling propaganda that the root cause of crime is poverty: your godless sons show otherwise. In the mindset of a rich liberal, they are bias against the poor and attribute crime to poverty. There are greater evils that commit white-collar crimes, these are the real perpetrators of poverty, highly educated indivduals such as politicians, lawyers, financial executives, who operate without morals to the detrimental effect of the people with monetary loss in the billions and they have the corrupt connections to escape justice with impunity in this world until they appear before God's judgement. We are all sinners, God destroys the perfect. God specifically seek sinners to wash away our sins.  When you follow the moral teachings of Jesus, you'll gain strength and with it, courage, to perform extraordinary things and attain love. I was a virgin until I was 31. I was once weak, poor, of average intelligence and clueless about relationships. God showed me the path to a righteous life and all who believes in Jesus will be shown the same path. 
  47. Being an Iraq war veteran, what is your feeling about Iraq now being under seige by rebels?
    In 2003, God told me democracy cannot and will not exist there because it is a land where evil slays the wicked. U.S Special forces soldiers are being sent there to die because the commander-in-chief is clueless about war and is a moron in any capacity. The only way to bring peace to the middle east is through my "community empowered safety plan" which allows world cities to gain economic prosperity with an armed populace educated in freedom enterprise and community bond. When CESP spreads to cities in the world, the last cities in the middle east will adopt the plan once it sees other cities prospering. This is what God commands me to do.
  48. An Oakland woman who was walking alone was jumped, beaten, and robbed of her purse and phone.  A man walking with his little daugther saw the incident, yelled and the muggers fled.  How would such crimes be eliminated?
    Every able good men and women should conceal carry in Oakland. If that man was not there, the woman might have been beaten to death. The man was lucky the muggers didn't turn to assault him and his little girl.  Surely the man should be wise enough to conceal carry next time to defend his family and rescue victims. The city is under siege by criminals, muggers are out there and they getting away with impunity because liberal politicians disarmed the citizens. Best prepare yourselves, it is what the 2nd Amendment is for. 
  49. Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee presidential candidate 2016 just said that people who are pro 2nd amendment gun rights are just a small minority and they are terrorizing the majority population. What do you have to say about that?
    Hillary? The stupid bitch came to her husband's adultery defense "definition of is" for lying under oath at his impeachment. Bill is a hero to the stupid liberals, who goes around grabbing the crouches and boobs of plane stewardesses, secretaries, assistants and interns at the White House. Guess who chaired Hillary's campaign in 2008? Pretty boy Gavin Newsom, another liberal hero who bested Bill Clinton by fucking his campaign manager's wife while he was still married. If Hillary doesn't know where or who Bill is fucking at 3AM, then I don't trust the clueless bitch to take an emergency 3AM phone call at the White House. An ambassador and his security detail died on her watch and she doesn't give a damn by saying what difference does it make. A bunch of dumb ass liberals at is parading Hillary to be the next president. Her supporters' bravery are like those pussy Iraqi soldiers who fled their post at the first sight of insurgents. None of Hillary's supporters are brave enough to defend the U.S. Constitution and its people against foreign or domestic enemies. Even if every Hillary supporters have rifles, they'll surrender like the French without firing a bullet. If any Hillary supporters get offended by this, I welcomed you to come protest at my hood, just be sure you conceal carry because I am not responsible if you get mugged or beaten while exercising your free speech.
  50. Give me a glimpse of your future vision if you're mayor, how would Oakland be like in 2016?
    Because of CESP5, there would be many people who aspire to be successful and wealthy, from middle schoolers to seniors. Regardless of their background, they'll participate as leaders of one of thousands of newly created companies and they will see those companies rise from imaginery ideas to reality. They will feel power and influence in their community because they will meet and get to know many people in their communities, creating bonds that emerged as the result of their business interaction. Communities will get stronger in mind, spirit and body because they'll be working hard to achieve success in their new roles.  With leadership comes freedom of thoughts and the experience of power to change lives. No longer will people be in bondage to a mere job, for they break the chains of cycle of employment and unemployment and step into being free citizens with true knowledge and ability to create the wealth they aspire to. 

***** July 2, 2014. I, Peter Yuan Liu, as a U.S. citizen and a war veteran sworn to defend the United States Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.  I declare the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, an enemy to the United States for violating his oath of office, failing to uphold laws and aiding foreign enemies of the republic.  ***** 

***** July 4, 2014. When I, Peter Yuan Liu, am mayor, my first order of business is to get an arrest warrant for the President of the United States for treason against the people and its Constitution. All men are created equal. No president nor man is above the Constitution. Inherent in the Constitution is that the President is not a king nor dictator, he can be charged with crimes from misdemeanors to felonies as like any other citizen.  While the President awaits for a speedy trial, the President is incapacitated and the Vice President takes over. If found guilty of a high misdemeanor or felony, the president must be sentenced to jail or prison like any other citizen. Congress must then perform the duties of impeachment. This is what the U.S. Constitution is about, the government is subservient to the people. We cannot allow Presidents such as Nixon, Clinton, Bush and Obama to get away with crimes against the people. If I am to be a leader of this world, I must perform as a leader for all leaders to follow. All mayors of cities and governors of states in the world must declare criminals as criminals when their actions are criminal, even if the criminal is the head of the state. Each executive branch of a government is charged with administering laws. To allow criminals to continue to rule with impunity is the greatest injustice to the people they supposedly serve. *****

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“CESP5” (Community Empowered Safety Plan #5)

CESP5version1.pdf CESP5version2.pdf (PDF of game rules, print and sell it for $5 or $10 to strangers, test if you have what it takes to be a businessman)

A game for people who want to be Rich. Playing the game teaches by experience: leadership, honesty, teamwork, responsibility and integrity.

created by Rags-to-Riches multi-millionaire Peter Y. Liu

Game Rules

  1. Choose 7 or more people, preferably people you trust. Give them the game rules. Set a location where to have a meeting if they want to join in the game.
  2. At the meeting, each person introduce themselves, their name and their phone number and email address. Each person write down the information. Take 10 minutes to brainstorm a business idea and write on a paper. EXAMPLE
  3. Each person takes turn to share their idea to the group.
  4. After all the ideas are heard, each idea is put to a vote by the group. Person with the best idea is the founder and President of a company, the rest are co-founders, then they vote on who will be the treasurer, secretary, etc.
  5. Then the group makes up a business plan, to answer Who, What, When, Where and Why. Who are the company leaders? What is the company name and what does it do? When will they do it? Where is the company located? Why are they running this business?
  • How to win the game? You win as a team, you win when the company profits off the idea and proceeds are split according to the hours you’ve put in.
  • How to lose the game? You lose as an individual, you quit, you got voted off the company because you didn’t contribute, stole money or lost trust due to unethical behavior. Your reputation will suffer according to the seriousness of your offense.
  • What if the company didn’t make a profit? Then your group rethink the ideas, vote on it, maybe vote on another leader, maybe change the business name, adjust the business plan then retry.

Print the game rules and sell it for money, it will test your business acumen. Time yourself for 3 hours to see how many you can sell. If you sell it for $5.00, you can claim it is 50% off sale. In 3 hours, see how much money you earned total:

$ per hour (average) level
$5 below minimum wage
$10 minimum wage
$15~$21 supervisor
$22~$39 managerial
$40~$55 director, you should film it and post it on YouTube, your skills will shine
$56~$99 company executive officer
$100+ a seasoned professional with $200K annual salary!

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