Fruitvale Presbyterian Church (1880-2012) was the first Presbyterian church in the Dimond.

In 1880, Franklin Rhoda, son of Frederick Rhoda, with four others, organized a Sunday School in a building at the corner of Boston Ave. and School Street. They met there for six years, when it was realized they needed a complete church:

"In 1886, with the help of the Session of Brooklyn Presbyterian church, who recognized the need for a complete church in our area, Fruitvale was started at Palmetto Street." 1

The church was officially organized in 1890 with 14 charter members. In 1896, the name was changed from Prospect Hill Presbyterian to Fruitvale Presbyterian Church. 1

Two young girls, Ann Morrison and Myrtle Seammon, collected money in the small farming community of Fruit Vale for the church bell 1; the same church bell was still in use when the church closed in 2012. 2


1886 church on Palmetto Street
photo CC SA-BY-NC by Our Oakland

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